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DigiCert + Mocana

Digital Trust
for Developers

Abstract and accelerate secure development
of IoT and IIoT applications.

The difference between developing for each device and developing for every device

Secure IoT application development, at a global scale, without constant reengineering. The DigiCert + Mocana platform accelerates development and decreases time to market with a rich set of libraries and abstraction layers that enable portability across heterogeneous platforms.

Accelerate deployment of business IoT applications - OS Image

Deploy applications everywhere at once on any operating system

Abstract and accelerate deployment of business applications and field proven design templates by device class for end-to-end interoperability, OS- and processor-agnostic development and seamless integration with your existing ecosystem.

A footprint for any form factor

Support memory needs from robust computations to lightweight crypto, with a data footprint that adapts to accommodate everything from high-capacity gateways to resource-constrained sensors.

Secure Iot Applications - Export your preferred language - Hola Image

Use your preferred language

Export your preferred language—including C, C++, C#, Java, Python and more—as source code, and dramatically simplify open source migration with connectors for API equivalency.

Implement end to end control - Secure Iot applications for developers - Browser Window Check Icon

Implement end-to-end controls—without endlessly rewriting code

A simple set of APIs make it possible to integrate with any secure element, ensure data privacy and protection, and comply with import/export controls without extensive reengineering for each application.

Automate key management and rotation

Support business application development on headless devices by automating key generation, protection, rotation and lifecycle management, with or without secure elements as a local root-of-trust.

Secure elements and IoT devloper API's - Certificate Icon

Security module plugins to secure elements and developer APIs to incorporate Enterprise and commercial certificate authorities

Automatically integrate with a variety of secure elements to provide a root of trust for device authentication, network traffic encryption, and incorporation of Enterprise and commercial certificate authorities.

Transform application development from cost center to revenue center

Reduce lifecycle maintenance costs with a value-added chain for tamper resistance and open new revenue streams with a ubiquitous utility model for subscription-based services.



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