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Enhancing Banking
Security through
Advanced Certificate
Lifecycle Management

Wednesday, November 15th, 2023 | 14:00-15:30 UTC | Virtual

Event Overview

Financial institutions are 300 times more likely to experience cyberattacks than other sectors, and the impending arrival of quantum computing poses a major threat to networks and systems. 

Effective management and protection of digital certificates are vital for securing financial networks in this evolving cybersecurity landscape. The complexities associated with managing identities, securing connected devices, and minimizing human errors can be challenging. Yet, modern PKI tools like asset discovery, automation, and integration, are essential for establishing digital trust and control over your certificate landscapes. 

Join an interactive discussion to explore strategies for certificate lifecycle management, and learn:

  • Strategies for ensuring data and transaction security through compliant certificate management and eliminating PKI blind spots while boosting visibility and control of cryptographic assets
  • The steps financial organizations should take to defend against post-quantum cryptography threat.
  • How organizations can effectively utilize signing, scanning, and Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) to mitigate risks in the software supply chain

Registration Closed

We've reached maximum capacity for this event, and registration is now closed. If you're interested in future Digicert roundtables, please contact Andrea Pienaar at andrea.pienaar@digicert.com for more information. Thank you for your interest.


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Dean Coclin

Senior Director, Digital Trust