Partner Blog 12-22-2018

2018: A Happy New Year

Tobias Zatti

It seemed everything was new for us in 2018:

  • Our first year as a newer company
  • The new DigiCert Certified Partner Program
  • A new, go-forward certificate infrastructure
  • The open beta of our new home to move-into, CertCentral
  • DigiCert Secure Site – a new product, the first in a new family of new products
  • oh, and I became your new product manager! :)

Typically, when years end, people regret the resolutions that they made – and didn’t keep.

In contrast, we came out of the year with few regrets.  But we do look forward to 2019 – yet another new year – because if it’s anything like the progress we made in 2018, then 2019 looks particularly prosperous for you.


Three oncoming milestones certainly make me be of good cheer:  the general availability of our CertCentral partner portal, the launch of our next flagship TLS/SSL certificate product, and our exploration of new certificate types.  Each of these can either provide new ways for you to profit or provide new efficiencies for you.

And of course I expect 2019 to find us – and you – celebrating more than just those three things.

But seeing that we’re still wrapping up 2018, let’s celebrate where we’ve been together, where we are, and where we’re going.  Because no matter which religious or calendar holiday you might be celebrating in the next 2 weeks, today – the winter solstice – is a great reminder of what we can all celebrate.

In exactly the opposite way that today’s solstice is “the darkest day of the year”, today is the day when days start getting brighter.  And 2019 sure looks shiny and bright to me – just a little more every day.

So happy new year 2018 to you – and an even happier new year 2019 to you, too!

Oh, wait, I almost forgot another new thing about 2018: even better transparency and communications.  “Email first, email most” was so 20th century.  Starting with 2018, we now communicate with you with new blogs, new webcasts, new videos, and new-sletters (ha).  But just like a solstice being a halfway point through the year, our communications to you are only halfway there.  I want you to take a more active role in providing the other half of communications.  So tell me if there’s something you’d like me to discuss or explain in this blog or in my quarterly roadmap review vlog.  You can reach me on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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