Partner Blog 09-27-2018

A Star is Born. And Reborn.

Tobias Zatti

Reincarnation is often referred-to as “life after death”. But I’m now a believer that reincarnation happens without requiring something’s death first. To demonstrate my point, take the example of today’s announcement of our new TLS/SSL certificate product family: DigiCert Secure Site™.

That’s right – Secure Site.

But *DigiCert* Secure Site.

And without requiring the death of the venerable Symantec Secure Site family.

I’ll be right here, waiting while you re-read those last two lines.

Ah yes, just think of the parallel possibilities: you suddenly have options for offering two flagship product lines from us – because there’s now multiple flagship Secure Site TLS/SSL certificate families for you to offer to your customers.

Today, we’ve announced the availability of DigiCert Secure Site, DigiCert Secure Site EV, DigiCert Secure Site Multi-Domain, DigiCert Secure Site EV Multi-Domain, and DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard. And these five products from our reincarnated Secure Site family represent the first opportunity for you to sell DigiCert-branded certificate products which combine the Norton Seal (and the new DigiCert Secured site seal) with even higher warranties than any previous Secure Site product.

But your customers aren’t the only ones who suddenly get choices. You do, too: Remember how I’ve been blogging about the development of our new partner portal based on DigiCert’s award-winning CertCentral platform?

Since we won’t migrate the data from the Website Security partner portals until the CertCentral partner portal moves out of beta, you can now offer the DigiCert Secure Site certificates independently from the Symantec Secure Site products – or you can simply wait to offer them all from the CertCentral partner portal once we release it to general availability.

Let me state it a different way:

  • If you’d like to offer the new Secure Site products right now, enroll in the CertCentral partner portal beta. To do so, please reach out to your Account Manager directly. They’ll work with me to coordinate your setup in the beta.
  • If you’d like to wait until the CertCentral partner portal is released to general availability but you want to start with the implementation work right now, so you’re ready to go when we are, please join our beta program by reaching out to your Account Manager directly.
  • If you’d like to wait until the CertCentral partner portal is released to general availability (including migration of your existing data), that’ll buy you time to plan and prepare. Meanwhile, simply watch for the communications from us over the next few months – then convert when you’re ready.

Either way, all the Symantec-branded Secure Site products will be available to you, alongside their reincarnations.

And if that’s not tantalizing enough, you might notice that there’s no “Pro” in the reincarnated products. …because the 5 DigiCert Secure Site products are merely the firstborn (or first reborn) in the new family. We’ve got more planned. Centered upon a respected name which your customers and you already trust, this certificate family is already architected for advanced offerings in the future.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, OK? Let’s work on the “now”. Now, you can get started with DigiCert Secure Site – and if you'd like, start planning for transition to the CertCentral partner portal launch (and all the ensuing goodies to be offered there).

Read more in our Partner Advisory.


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