Announcements 09-27-2018

Announcing DigiCert Secure Site: The Industry’s Most Feature-Rich TLS Certificate Solution

Jeremy Rowley

This month we have launched DigiCert Secure Site – a new suite of certificate solutions for organizations prioritizing online trust and identity.

Secure Site is available as a Single-Domain, Multi-Domain, Wildcard, and EV, which all include a package of exclusive new features:

  • Display the Norton Secure Seal, the world’s most recognized website trust mark: Significantly increases the confidence an organization’s customers have in its website, thereby reducing customer drop-off.
  • Priority validation queue: A customer’s order will be brought to the front of the line to receive certificates as fast as possible.
  • Industry-leading warranties: Secure Site TLS Certificates include warranties to protect an organization and its customers - a $1.75M Netsure Protection Warranty for the DigiCert customer, and an industry-best $2M aggregate Relying Party Warranty for its customers.
  • Automated authenticity checks: DigiCert’s state of the art authentication infrastructure has been built to automate the tedious tasks in the validation process and provide customers with the most streamlined check in the industry.
  • Root Ubiquity: Digicert owns the industry's most ubiquitous root and customers can take advantage of that for global trusted communications.

In addition to these new features, all Secure Site certificates include access to CertCentral, our award-winning certificate management platform. We have always believed that proper certificate deployment and management requires a systematic approach - manual management always leaves room for error.

With CertCentral, administrators can control and automate certificate requests, issuance, and deployment, as well as get complete visibility into their certificate inventory and any areas of weak certificate security across their network.

We will continue to keep Secure Site on the cutting edge by premiering new features for Secure Site customers first. Soon, DigiCert will add a blacklist check/malware scanning feature that will continuously monitor a customer’s web pages and check against a worldwide blacklist database to protect against malicious software.

We are proud of the CA infrastructure we have built here at DigiCert. We have put engineering first to make sure that as your security partner, nothing stands in your way. Whether its issuing thousands of certificates per second, the fastest OCSP response times in the industry, or having support experts available 24/7, DigiCert is always enabling the best in security practices and performance.


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