Apple & Safari Plans to Distrust Symantec Certificates

I’m a big fan of transparency in communications, so I’m breaking my usual format to ensure that you don’t miss this blog post about Apple and Safari about Apple’s plans to distrust Symantec certificates. The good news is that Apple’s announcement does not require you to deviate from any plans you already had for migrating your customers. Google Chrome’s distrust dates precede Apple’s, and we are still recommending your customers replace their existing certificates before the July 20th release of Chrome 70 ‘Canary.’ Our full advisory has been freshly posted over on DigiCert’s main blog. You’ll probably find it pretty important to you—and to your downstream customers.

Of course, check out all the other blog entries there, too…just don’t forget to return to check back often here on our Partner Blog, which is focused specifically on you. In fact, follow both blog rolls while you’re at it!


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