Partner Blog 06-28-2018

Countdown to Launch

Tobias Zatti

Have you noticed we’re not adding new features to our partner portals or APIs lately? Instead, we've been concentrating on building the next generation partner platform. Of course, we still want to resolve any issues with the existing services (whether large or small), including the following in our latest update.

Bug fixes

We’ve fixed several bugs, but two fixes will find the most delight.

  1. When adding a SAN during a reissue of an existing order, we were sending an accompanying email to notify that we just charged the corresponding credit card. Since such orders are invoiced per your contract, that charge was not actually occurring. We have eliminated that confusing email.
  2. As you’ve worked with us to prevent the impact of gradual browser distrust of our older roots (especially in the bulk reissuance of certificates), you might have bumped into an annoying sequencing problem, in which we allowed the revocation of a certificate first, but then disallowed the usage of the same CSR for the reissued certificate.Starting with this release, you can place a reissue request, revoke the original and reuse the original CSR (as long as a new certificate doesn’t already exist for that Common Name). Of course, we espouse good PKI hygiene, hence we urge usage of a new CSR for any new certificate.

Goede reis, AN

In the last post, we announced that we will no longer accept the “AN” country code (Netherlands Antilles) for API requests. We haven’t issued certificates using AN for quite some time, so there’s likely to be little complaint that we will no longer accept it. Since we’ve all seen this change coming for eight years since AN stopped being a thing, we assume you’ve updated your systems, too.

What’s coming?

Better everything!

In April 2018 at the CloudFest event in Rust, Germany, we announced our new DigiCert Certified Partner Program. The program provides performance-appropriate access to sales, marketing and support resources aligned to specific performance tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Elite). We continue to add to the program overall, including the Zift marketing/campaign portal and upgraded communications (like this blog!).  You can find out more about the program overall by reading the Certified Partner Program guide, and you’ll treasure more developments as we sail this course together.

Improvement to DCV Scope Selection

Over the last couple of weeks, we have received multiple “bug reports” stating that our DCV selection doesn’t work as expected. We spent some time analyzing the reports and examples and noticed that everything works as expected (from us). But your reports tell us you expected something different when making DCV selections, and you want to have more flexibility when choosing the DCV Scope, so we will add more flexibility to our service. We are targeting this to go live in calendar week 28.

Domain Validated Certificates on CertCentral

As we continue the build-out of our partner portal and API on the CertCentral platform, we will begin adding support for Domain Validated certificates starting 11 July 2018. Although DV certificates will not be available universally to partners on this date, we will employ an early bird program in which partners who meet strict conditions can begin testing the new platform. The program will help ensure that services based on CertCentral will replicate what you expect from our legacy partner platforms, yet go beyond with additional capabilities and niceties. Please reach out to your account manager if you are interested in joining the program.


Our migration to the CertCentral platform will require the end of life (EOL) of older platforms. We will migrate our SOAP API, but our much-older POST API will be terminated on 16 August 2018. In advance of this EOL, please ensure you can migrate to the SOAP equivalent if you still have any services utilizing the POST API. 


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