Announcements 03-16-2020

DigiCert Preparedness


To our valued customers:

We understand that this is a time of heightened concern, and we want to reassure our customers and partners that we are prepared to deliver critical services and uptime of your secure web operations. We are committed to continue providing global security solutions with knowledgeable customer support and validation services.

As part of our business continuity efforts, we have implemented our pandemic plan that includes risk mitigation and provisioning of emergency resources. Our networking capabilities will continue to support wide-scale remote work by our employees, as necessary. We also have redundant physical facilities and plans for staffing depth, should workers become sick and require self-isolation. Support will still be available to DigiCert customers 24/7.

Our leadership team is prioritizing our operations while the COVID-19 pandemic persists, and we have the resources necessary to serve your needs.

Thank you for your continued business and we wish you the very best during this time. If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your account representative, who will be attentive to your concerns.


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