Announcements 06-12-2014

DigiCert Named to Online Trust Alliance's 2014 Honor Roll

Jeff Snider

Today the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) announced its 2014 Online Trust Honor Roll, and for the third consecutive year, DigiCert has made the grade.

The OTA is a non-profit organization with a mission to “enhance online trust and empower users, while promoting innovation and the vitality of the internet.”  Since 2009, the OTA has published its annual Online Trust Honor Roll, “a comprehensive evaluation of a site's and mobile applications best practices in brand and consumer protection, security and privacy.” Based on a composite weighted score of over two dozen data points, websites that achieve 80% or higher make the Honor Roll.

Online Trust Alliance - Helping Make the Internet More Trustworthy

At DigiCert, we take the OTA’s work very seriously, and we are members of the highest level (Platinum - Leadership Circle). As a Certification Authority, we are dedicated to maintaining and improving the security and trustworthiness of the Internet through standards and best practices. That sounds buzzwordy, but our track record shows that we’re not just paying lip service to those ideals. We believe that a safe Internet is better for all of us, whether we are using it for entertainment, shopping, or anything else.

As an honor roll member, DigiCert is continually involved in OTA initiatives that help promote:

  • Brand protection
  • User data privacy
  • Reduced identity theft
  • Internet governance
  • Web data security audits
  • Privacy policies
  • Security best practices

Along with the OTA team, we stand with other organizations that support consumer protection and better stewardship of customer data. We believe that industry should be given the option of self-regulation in order to spur innovation and better information security.

SSL Encryption is the Backbone of Internet Security

SSL Certificates are critical to data security online and DigiCert has released Certificate Inspector, a free cloud-based certificate management platform that allows administrators to review all certificates used by their servers or installed in their network environment. Certificate Inspector's unique algorithm assigns grades to your certificates and their implementations, and provides an easy to follow list of remediation actions.

To learn more about the online security audit, see the official OTA press release about this award, view the OTA online trust infographic, and see how you can join us in supporting the vital efforts to make the Internet a safer place.

We continue to be proud to partner with the OTA to enhance online data security and proud to make their Honor Roll once again as we work to make the Internet a safer place.


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