Announcements 01-13-2021

DigiCert ONE Receives IoT Breakthrough Security Product of the Year Award


DigiCert ONE, the company’s modern, wholistic approach to PKI management, has been recognized as 2021’s IoT Breakthrough Security Product of the Year.

“Securing the rapidly rising number of IoT devices requires thoughtful solutions,” said James Johnson, managing director at IoT Breakthrough. “DigiCert ONE is a groundbreaking platform for authenticating devices and protecting device identity at manufacturing and the edge, as well as providing device and data integrity. Furthermore, DigiCert’s efforts to build a scalable, flexible PKI platform from the ground up addresses the push toward cloud-native and container-based architecture in an innovative way that also addresses key security requirements.”

The IoT Breakthrough Awards honors excellence and recognizes the creativity, hard work and success of IoT companies, technologies and products. See all of 2021’s winners here.

“We launched DigiCert ONE as a platform built by experts but designed for users — to meet their security needs today and in the future,” said Deepika Chauhan, DigiCert’s Trust Solutions Group executive vice president. “And as we continue to release managers built onto the platform, we’re able to offer more and more robust solutions for manufacturers, organizations and consumers.”

We have even more exciting things planned for the future and we look forward to bringing more innovative features to you soon. Stay tuned to our blog and social media for updates on DigiCert solutions and industry standards. Thanks to all our valued customers and partners for your continued support.

About DigiCert ONE
DigiCert ONE is a PKI management platform developed with cloud-native architecture and technology to be the PKI infrastructure service to solve today's security challenges. Released in 2020, DigiCert ONE offers multiple management solutions and is designed for all PKI use cases. Its flexibility allows it to be deployed on-premises, in-country or in the cloud to meet stringent requirements, custom integrations and airgap needs. It also deploys extremely high volumes of certificates quickly using a robust and highly scalable infrastructure. DigiCert ONE delivers end-to-end centralized user and device certificate management, a modern approach to PKI to provide trust across dynamic IT architectures.

About IoT Breakthrough Awards
IoT Breakthrough is part of the Tech Breakthrough organization, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for technology leadership and innovation in today’s most competitive categories of technology. IoT Breakthrough winners receive well-deserved recognition and third-party validation from an independent organization. The Tech Breakthrough organization has worked with hundreds of technology titans such as Intel, Comcast, Cisco, NetApp, Sprint, HP, ADP, Samsung, Toshiba, General Electric, Philips, Quicken, Dell and many more, as well as groundbreaking startup companies through our public platform for recognition for standout technologies, people and companies.


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