Events 11-21-2014

DigiCert Security Summit 2014

Meggie Woodfield

Earlier this month, DigiCert hosted our first annual Security Summit in Las Vegas. We decided to start hosting the summit to educate enterprise and security administrators about the IT industry's most important issues and to learn the latest PKI and security practices from top security minds.

Our event provided a unique opportunity for both networking and professional development and we were very excited to have some of the biggest names in the security industry at the conference with us. We are glad that we can share the information we learned with those who were unable to attend.

Below are the slide decks as well as video recordings from each of the sessions at the summit. We hope that these presentations will help you be better informed and prepared to anticipate upcoming changes in the IT security field.

Dan Kaminsky

"Class Warfare: Towards a More Comprehensive Policy for Mitigation" Slide deck Video recording

Craig Spiezle

"How Does Your Site Rank? Audit of the Top 500 Ecommerce Sites" Slide deck Video recording

Steve Gibson

"Revolutionizing Website Login and Authentication with SQRL" Slide deck Video recording

Brian Trzupek

"The Game of L1Ph3: What Recent Security Breaches Mean for You" Slide deck Video recording

Nicholas Percoco

"A Slightly Dark Future" Slide deck Video recording


3 Surprising Uses of PKI in Big Companies and How to Ensure They Are all Secure

5 Min

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