Announcements 08-02-2017

DigiCert to Acquire Symantec's Website Security Business

John Merrill

Today, we are excited to announce our agreement to acquire Symantec’s Website Security business. The deal is expected to close before the end of the year, pending formal reviews. We will continue to operate from our Lehi, Utah headquarters with support from Symantec’s Mountain View and other global offices.

With this deal, we are bringing together the industry’s top talent to provide enhanced technology solutions and support for our growing customer base. These added capabilities will help us accelerate our efforts to simplify SSL/TLS and related PKI solutions to meet our customers’ web and IoT security needs.

As this agreement significantly increases our presence and resources, it’s important for our customers and employees to know that we remain firmly committed to the values that have helped us establish a strong reputation for the way that we do business. Our focus remains on doing the things that our customers expect from us, including offering unrivaled customer support. DigiCert is built on people first: as we empower our employees to solve business challenges for our customers, everyone succeeds. We will continue to provide the market with innovative products, the highest level of trust, and purposeful leadership in the security community.

We welcome the many Symantec website security business team members who will be joining our work family at DigiCert, and we are excited about combining the best of what Symantec has to offer with DigiCert. We have amazing opportunities ahead, and will work toward a seamless transition as we build an even greater security company together.

A Note on the Issue Surrounding Browser Trust of Symantec Certificates Moving Forward

Earlier this year, the browsers proposed a plan to limit trust in Symantec certificates after discovering issues with how they were validating and issuing digital certificates. Importantly, we feel confident that this agreement will satisfy the needs of the browser community. DigiCert is communicating this deal and its intentions to the browser community and will continue to work closely with them during the period leading up to our closing the transaction. DigiCert appreciates and shares the browsers’ commitment to engendering trust in digital certificates and protecting all users.

Contact Us with Questions or Concerns

As always, we are available 24/7 to answer questions and address concerns. Please contact your Sales Rep directly or Support at any time via live chat, email, or phone 801-701-9600.


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