Partner Blog 06-05-2018

Important Service Announcement 5 June 2018

Martin Thurmann

This communication contains important updates regarding your customers' implementations of Complete Website Security (CWS) and Managed PKI for SSL (MSSL) products and services. Please take a moment to read this information so you can convey it to them directly.

The following MSSL and CWS enhancement is planned for release on 30 June 2018:

Organizational unit (OU) validation change to improve the current OU verification process

In the current verification process, the Organizational Unit (OU) value in the CSR is checked against the blacklist during enrollment.

In the new verification process, the OU value in the CSR is checked against the whitelist of approved OU values during order processing. If OU verification fails, the authentication team will proactively review and approve it.

Note: The OU field is an optional field and is not required in a certificate request.

We appreciate your partnership. If you have questions, please email our Partner Authentication team or your account manager.


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