Partner Blog 04-18-2018

Improved Reissue Lifecycle Management

Tobias Zatti

We just released updates for DigiCert’s partner platform and API, and wanted to let you know about the latest improvements.

Reissuance OrderEvent Types Updated

This week we resolved a problem with reissuing certificates through our partner API.

Here's an example of the problem we were seeing: When an in-process resissue order was cancelled, the API changed its order state to "Completed." In short, the cancellation was completed, but the status did not show canceled.

There was also no way to tell the difference between a successfully canceled reissuance and successfully completed new orders.

To solve this, we added two new OrderEvent types to our GetModifiedOrders API:

  • “Reissue Complete”
  • “Reissue Canceled”

Now with this fix, everyone involved will know that reissues are not new orders, and be able to see whether a reissuance was successful or not. More importantly, this change prevents the original certificate being sent to the customer instead of the reissued certificate.

Ability to Resend DCV Emails After 30 Days

We also fixed a bug where we were unable to resend a DCV Email if the email was older than 30 days, meaning that the approval link inside the email had expired. The API now handles the process as intended, doing away with errant blockage of emails or serving of an unknown API error.

Next Release Comes 26 April 2018

We’re targeting our next update for 26 April 2018, which will include a cool new feature that will expand the renewal window for Symantec-issued 1 year certificates (issued before 1 December 2017) from 90 to 210 days.

This feature will make the reissuance process more streamlined. Instead of reissuing a certificate due to the Google Chrome distrust and then going through the renewal process shortly after, you will be able to simply renew the certificate early and receive all of the remaining lifetime on your new trusted certificate. We'll even round up the number of days to the next full month as an additional bonus.

In addition to make everyone’s life easier on the Google reissuance project, we will add new features to our bulk reissuance tool, which will allow DigiCert to resend DCV Emails as well as Fulfillment Emails in bulk. All we need from you is the order IDs you want to run this on, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Come back to this blog to see more updates on what we are working on!

As always, your direct feedback is appreciated.


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