Partner Blog 05-08-2019

Join me at our Q2 2019 Trends in TLS, SSL and identity webinar

Dean Coclin

The benefit of being a DigiCert Certified Partner is that we want you to be leaders, too. To help you achieve and maintain your leadership, we provide a quarterly update on what’s happening in the industry and marketplace – and we want to see you there. Please attend our Latest Trends in TLS and SSL webinar, available FREE - live or on-demand on the BrightTalk network.

Here's the details:

What's in it for you?

Join us to gain timely awareness of the ongoing and upcoming trends in the digital certificate ecosystem, including TLS, SSL, PKI and code signing certificates. Leverage what you learn to add value and heightened relevance in your marketing and sales of digital certificates.

I’m presenting this quarter's Trends webinar—free to you and your employees— which shares our leadership perspective regarding identity and how it impacts the validation function of digital certificates. This will empower you with useful info regarding:

  • How software tools identify and validate people, software, websites and things online
  • Real-time visibility into industry and marketplace statistics
  • In-advance trend insights which you can communicate to your customers – or capitalize upon
  • Updates on the latest action within the CA/Browser Forum, including key discussions, working groups, ballots, baseline requirement updates, and browser changes

Join me by registering now at

(Free BrightTalk registration is required)

See you on 21 May!


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