Partner Blog 12-20-2018

Partner Newsletter - Issue 6

Jeff Barto


What A Year!

In 2018 alone, Partners like you helped DigiCert accomplish many key milestones, including the completed rollout of our DigiCert Certified Partner Program, the integration of Website Security into DigiCert, the successful replacement of certificates issued under our Symantec certificate infrastructure(s), the first products in our new flagship Secure Site family of certificates under the DigiCert brand, and the launch of our exclusive PartnerPRO marketing program.

Such favors and loyalty are best returned.

As we continue to build upon our sole role as the global leader in digital certificates, we're looking forward to a busy 2019 and building more ways for you to profit and succeed. This includes new Secure Site and branded products, beyond-certificate offerings, increased portal and API functionality, and more marketing and enablement aids.

In this last newsletter of 2018, we're in a giving mood so please take time now to ensure you're logged into our portal, receiving our emails, subscribing to our webinars, and following our blog. The links for all of those actions are below, and they'll become more and more valuable as we continually deepen our ongoing trend of openness and transparency.

Onward and upward!


The 4 C's of Going PRO

We're continually packing more value -and more content- into our PartnerPRO program, focusing on "the four C's":

  • Content
  • Campaigns
  • Communications
  • Continuous improvement

While 3 of those C's are easy to observe, you might wonder about continuous improvement. It's the sweeping impetus which keeps PartnerPRO fresh our desire to keep you enabled and profitable, by in turn improving our value to you. And the best way to observe that is by catching our monthly recap and preview of the program. The December version is available as an MP4 via your DigiCert Partner Marketing Portal account.

If you haven't activated your DigiCert Partner Marketing Portal account, it's easy to get started: either register online, email us, or contact your Account Manager.


  • DigiCert Security Summit 2019. 30 January to 1 February in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
  • On Demand: Latest Trends in TLS & SSL. Register here.
  • On Demand: DigiCert Monthly Threat Briefing November 2018. Register here.
  • On Demand: DigiCert Monthly Threat Briefing 2018 in review, 2019 ahead. Register here.
  • On Demand: IoT Security by Design & How It Can Benefit Your Bottom Line. Register here.

      Removing Support for Underscore Characters

      You saw our Partner Blog post referring to the CA/Browser Forum discussions about disallowing the "_" character in its Baseline Requirements. Since that post, DigiCert and all other CAs have become required to revoke certificates with underscores to remain standards-compliant. (Note that this applies to all publicly-trusted SSL certificates which contain any domain names with an underscore (in the Common Name or SANs) hence it does not affect other types of certificates, such as code signing, document signing, etc.) The bulk of our partners who use our Symantec Partner Portal and its API need to take no action beyond simple awareness, as we've prevented routine issuance of now non-compliant certificates using underscores all along. Nevertheless, if we discover that your customers or you have active certificates which are affected by this new industry requirement, your Account Manager will notify you such that your customers and you can take timely action.

      Changes to Threat Detection and Search Services

      On 4 May 2018, we made a few feature announcements stating that we’re improving some features while ending others. These included behind-the-scenes service changes to the Malware Scanning and Vulnerability Assessment features in Symantec's SSL/TLS and SafeSite offerings, End-of-Sale for GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scanning, and End-of-Life for the Symantec Seal-in-Search functionality. Look for an upcoming email from us carrying the subject line “Upcoming EOL and service improvements”, which we’ll also be posting to our blog shortly.


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