Partner Blog 02-02-2018

Catching You Up on Product Updates

Kevin Brown

We’ve made several updates (with more on the way) to DigiCert’s partner platform and SOAP API.

28 December 2017

We released several enhancements to the Domain Control Validation (DCV) process for partners. Specifically, we added the ability to resend DCV emails, identify where the DCV emails were sent, and provided an authentication status for each domain associated with an SSL/TLS order. These updates were made to the End User Portal, Order Detail Page, and SOAP API.

18 January 2018

We released several enhancements to allow partners to specify the email address for DCV emails for Enrollments, Renewals, and Replacements both via the Partner Portal, End User Portal, and SOAP API for EV, OV, and DV SSL/TLS products. To simplify the entry of multiple email addresses via the Partner Portal and SOAP API, we added default approver email selection logic: if we are unsuccessful looking up the WHOIS service, the logic will revert to using constructed email addresses.

23 January 2018

We improved the process for DV SSL orders, enabling our Customer Support team to clear a flag and allow customers to approve an order in parallel, thereby reducing the throughput time of DV SSL orders.

24 January 2018

We made several enhancements to our internal Bulk Enrollment tool to streamline the enrollment process for multiple replacement orders and improve error handling.

31 January 2018

We'll enable our Encryption Everywhere partners to disable free SANs added to their Complimentary SSL Certificates. Plus, we plan to roll out changes to the content of our DCV email in multiple languages.

8 February 2018

We’ll enable partners to change the authentication methods bi-directionally between WHOIS, File Authentication, and DNS Authentication for orders that are submitted via our SOAP Reissue API. Alternatively, we will allow customers to change the authentication method for Pending Reissue Orders via our ModifyOrder API. The aim of these enhancements is to streamline the certificate reissuance process. Plus we plan to restore the authentication states for pending orders, enable support for EV SHA2 Full Chain, and reinstate the free SAN behavior that we had in place prior to migration to the DigiCert infrastructure.

Around 20 February 2018

We plan to roll out the industry-wide implementation of CA/Browser Forum Ballot 193 which will restrict enrollments, renewals, and replacements to a maximum of 825 days beginning 1 March 2018.


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