Partner Blog 12-12-2018

NEW & NOW: quarterly Trends in TLS & SSL webinar

Dean Coclin

For years now, I’ve presented a popular TLS and SSL Trends session at our annual series of Partner Roundtables for our most strategic partners in the Asia/Pacific, Americas, and Europe/Middle East/Africa regions.  My presentations are a timely and efficient way to keep updated on what is -and will be- happening in the industry and marketplace.

Now, as part of DigiCert’s PartnerPRO offering, we make a higher-level global version of that briefing available to all partners in our Certified Partner Program worldwide, highlighting:

  • Real-time visibility into industry and marketplace news
  • Advance trend insights which you can communicate to your customers – or capitalize upon
  • Updates on the latest initiatives within the CA/Browser Forum, including relevant ballots and working groups
  • Commentary on browser changes, the evolution of certificate validation standards, and industry statistics


See you there!


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5 Min

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