Partner Blog 05-17-2018

Ready, Reset, Go

Tobias Zatti

This week’s release presses “play” on features that have been paused for a while during our integration of DigiCert and Symantec Website Security systems.

First things first: Thank you for your patience! As a reward for sticking with us, we’re treating you to something that you’ve requested for quite some time.

Pilot Environment Now Offers Defined and Configurable Validity Periods

“Wait, what?” Admittedly, that headline reads a little weird, but let me explain: in the pilot environment, historically, we’ve issued certificates with 12- or 24-month validity periods just like your private PKI allows. Recently we changed that, and got some feedback on those changes.

We decided that flexibility is the best policy – when issuing test certificates, you can now choose the “ValidityEndDate” value, and the system respects that value. With a new parameter you can now issue certificates with any lifetime from 7 to 825 days. Reach out to your Account Manager or Sales Engineer if you want to make use of the new parameter. Note that this feature is only available in the pilot environment.

Adding SANs to Single Domain certificate orders via Reissue

Ever experience “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” about a certificate’s FQDN? For example, after ordering a single-domain certificate you realize that you wanted to add SANs to make it cover multiple domains or subdomains. Now you can do that by reissuing single domain certificates using our “Add SANs” feature.

Second-guesses and oopses, be gone: we’ve rolled out this nicety for our Symantec and Thawte certificates, and it will be implemented with GeoTrust products in the upcoming months.

Fixes in Reporting

In authentication reports within the partner portal, we have removed a column, which, at times, could show incorrect information about a certificate’s validation status. That column is now gone, and hopefully so is the confusion.

Next Release: 31 May 2018

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, our next release for partners will come in a bit more than two weeks from now on 31 May. Look for:

  • Improvements to our Malware Scanning and Vulnerability Assessment tools for Symantec products
  • File validation for Revocation of certificates
  • End of Sale of the standalone Malware Scanning tools
  • Addition of an option to not require end customer’s approval for revocation
  • File Validation using a shared key for domain validation

We will continue to cover more updates and other insights about what we are working on here on the Partner Blog.

As always, your feedback is appreciated.


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