Announcements 05-16-2015

Recent Awards for DigiCert Customer Support & Product Development

Jeff Chandler

At DigiCert, we take pride in our customer relationships and our customers’ successes. Improving the customer experience is at the heart of every initiative. That’s why we are humbled whenever we receive recognition from outside parties. Just within the past month or so, we’ve added some additional hardware to the trophy case, and we’re in the running for another award next month.

Last month during the RSA Conference, our Customer Support Team was recognized as a winner at the 2015 InfoSecurity Global Excellence Awards in San Francisco. This team is one who many of customers work with but doesn’t seek the spotlight. With an award like this one, we are giving them attention and praise they deserve.

The customer experience extends to our product development as well. Since we launched the Certificate Inspector last spring, it’s been a useful tool in detecting your entire SSL landscape across internal and external networks. With Certificate Inspector, you can inventory all your SSL certificates and endpoints, and you receive a grade as well as notice of any configuration issues such as the choice of poor ciphersuites. This product presents all of this information in an intuitive dashboard, and then also provides a list of remediation tips.

At the Infosecurity Global Excellence Awards, the judges also awarded the Certificate Inspector with a nice trophy for Best Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation, and Management Solution. Read more about our awards here.

In recent days, we also found out that our Support Team is once again up for an award as a finalist for Best Customer Support Department in the 2015 American Business Awards. The awards event will be held in Chicago on June 22.

While everyone at DigiCert appreciates the nod of recognition by outside parties, nothing is more gratifying to us than to hear feedback directly from our customers. Please feel free to let us know how we’re doing in a review, comment, or reach out to us on Twitter @digicert.


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