Announcements 01-25-2017

Introducing the Standard User Role in CertCentral

Clint Wilson

We wanted to let you know about a recent CertCentral updates, which includes a new Standard User role. Now when creating or editing Users in your account, this role is available by default for all CertCentral customers.

About Standard Users

The new Standard User is allowed to place requests for certificates, such as new orders, renewals, or reissues as needed. The Standard User’s requests must be approved by an Administrator or Manager before certificates will be issued.

By default, the Standard User role has access to all the certificates that are assigned to the same Division as the User is; an additional option is available for these Users and access can be restricted to only the Orders they place.


In addition to the Standard User role, we made some other updates to CertCentral.

Dealing with Too Many Duplicates

We added an easy way to see and access the Duplicate certificates under an Order.


We updated the Duplicates management page with a feature allowing you to archive or unarchive duplicates as needed.


Maintain Active Validation

You can now configure your account to not automatically add new domains to the Active Validation system.

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about our Organization and Domain Active Validation system, including its tie-in to our Validation team proactively initiating and maintaining the validation of your Organizations and Domains. However, there’s been a missing piece in that even if a Domain isn’t explicitly added to this Active Validation system, if a Certificate is requested for that Domain, then DigiCert defaulted to including it in Active Validation.

With the addition of this account setting, you can request certificates for “one-off” domains without also having the Domain proactively re-validated each year. To configure this in your account, go to the Advanced Settings section of your Account Preferences page.


Feedback Is Always Welcome

We are always looking to improve our products and services. If you have any feedback about CertCentral or any of our products, please send an email to


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