Announcements 07-29-2015

SysAdmin Day 2015 Giveaway


The 16th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day is almost here. On Friday, July 31st, DigiCert will be hosting a giveaway to celebrate the important role system admins play in all organizations.

The Many Roles of SysAdmin

Sysadmins are valuable to every organization because, in short, these people help everyone else at the company work and do so safely. They are problem solvers. Sysadmins are often responsible for user setup, maintenance, and machines; these tasks are often accompanied by many other tasks associated with computer and infrastructure maintenance. Sysadmins maintain the underlying operating system and monitor systems to ensure optimal safety and efficiency. Most importantly, sysadmins oversee security protocols and policies for users. They have to be on high alert at all times for a potential breach or vulnerability. And when that time goes, quickly mitigate the issue.

Giveaway Details

To honor all the sysadmins out there, DigiCert will be hosting a giveaway via Twitter. A bunch of prizes are up for grabs including a remote-controlled helicopter and a drone.

To enter:

  1. Follow DigiCert on Twitter.
  2. Retweet a DigiCert tweet to your followers.

It's that easy! Winners will be randomly selected at the end of the day Friday and will be contacted early next week.


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