Breaches 04-29-2016

This Month in SSL: April 2016

Mark Santamaria

Here is our latest news roundup of articles about network and SSL security. (Click here to see the whole series.)

SSL & Encryption

  • Google recently released a list of Certificate Authorities that are not trusted by browsers.

Data Breaches




  • For the past two years, every two weeks or so phishers have been targeting one CEO in an attempt to trick him into wiring them money.
  • A cybercrime group is targeting retail and hospitality companies that are still using weak PoS systems.
  • Large DDoS attack hit China-based lottery site. The attack was successful because it hit weak spots in the site’s DDoS protection platform.
  • Buhtrap a Russian hacking group has performed 13 successful attacks, stealing billions from Russian and EU banks.
  • Researchers and law enforcement worked together to take-down a botnet that enslaved 4,000 Linux.


Research & Studies


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