News 05-29-2015

This Month in SSL: May 2015


Here is our latest news roundup of articles about network and SSL security. Click here to see the whole series.

SSL & Encryption News

  • Security researchers discovered an encryption flaw similar to the FREAK vulnerability. The flaw, dubbed Logjam, allows attackers to downgrade the 512-bit cryptography making a man-in-the-middle attack possible.
  • Mozilla announced that upcoming versions of Firefox will not be trusting HTTP connections. (The announcement was made April 30).

Data Security

  • Because of the rise in identity theft through hacking, the IRS has established a new unit dedicated to tracking down cybercriminals.
  • A legislation has been proposed in recent months that would allow companies the choice of whether or not to alert customers of a data breach.



Data Breaches

Internet of Things

Research & Studies


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