Partner Blog 04-02-2020

Upgrading to CertCentral Partner®: So Far, and What’s Next?

Tobias Zatti

As part of the DigiCert purchase of Symantec website security and PKI solutions in November 2017, we promised to bring those Symantec systems up to modern compliance standards, deprecate unnecessary systems and improve the customer experience. Over the past two years, we’ve been working through a major transition plan to upgrade Symantec partners to one centralized system. We’re now beginning to shut down Symantec customer-facing portals and back-end systems, and upgrading partners to our award-winning certificate management system, DigiCert® CertCentral Partner®. This migration means partners and their end-users will get faster validation, more features and functionality, and a better overall user experience.

Soon after bringing Symantec systems into our fold, we created a roadmap that ensured we could support partner needs and maintain their certificate landscape with minimal disruption. After we created the preliminary roadmap, our engineering team began developing solutions to migrate Symantec accounts to CertCentral Partner. This foundational step for moving accounts off Symantec systems and APIs ultimately allows us to start shutting down those systems.

Throughout the migration roadmap, we’re continually mindful of partners’ business continuity needs. We’re currently working with API partners to help them integrate with DigiCert systems as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

The staged approach means not all partner accounts are immediately ready to upgrade. When a partner’s account is ready, they’ll hear from their account manager or get an email invitation to activate their new CertCentral Partner account.

We’re excited to announce that we’re nearly feature-ready for all partner groups to migrate. Additionally, we know migration is a big ask of our partners, and we’ve worked to give as much time as possible for this transition. As a result, we’ve rebranded the old Indirect portal and we are extending the shut down of the system to 31 July. However, we are still required to cease sale and marketing of the Symantec brand by 30 April. Watch for an email that will give you all the details.

Partners with questions about when they can upgrade can contact their account manager or DigiCert partner support. To get ready for upgrading and moving to CertCentral Partner:

Watch our 12 Feb CertCentral Partner webinar

Check out the CertCentral Partner non API Upgrade Guide

If you haven’t joined or watched our webinars or talked with your account manager about CertCentral Partner, you might feel a bit daunted to move to a brand new system. But we built CertCentral Partner to make certificate management easy and save you and your customers time. Your new certificate management console is fast and intuitive, with a straightforward design that gets right to the point and helps you get your work done. CertCentral Partner also supports businesses with advanced enterprise-level certificate management needs. Additionally, with a unified code and data base, we greatly accelerate the time-to-market for new features and solutions to further simplify your certificate management.

As we continue our upgrade and end-of-life efforts, we will of course continue to provide periodic updates on our status.


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