Lifetime Commissions, No Upfront Costs

As a DigiCert Reseller Partner, you can take advantage of our certificate options and award-winning customer support as you work with customers and prospects.

Whether you simply pass along occasional referrals, or have an integrated program for your clients ordering and maintainining SSL Certificates on their behalf, we have the flexibility to meet your needs.

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1 - 4 10%
5 - 25 15%
26 - 50 20%
51 - 100 25%
100 + Contact us by phone at 801-701-9600 or email at

Recurring Commissions, No Upfront Cost

No bulk upfront payments, simply refer new customers and earn generous commissions. Manage your customer relationships and continue to earn commissions on future purchases your referrals make.


Which Program is Right for Me?

At DigiCert we are proud to collaborate with any of our customers or partners, large or small, and help them promote our SSL Certificates to their friends and business associates.

For questions about the program please email:

Affiliate - Referral Linking Program

This program is ideal for webmasters or consultants who want to refer potential clients to DigiCert via reseller links, without managing the certificates for the clients that they refer.

Keep earning commissions on all future purchases from customers you refer.

Referrer benefits:
  • Clients manage their own certificates
  • Recurring commissions on every future purchase
  • Get paid monthly (Up to 25% commissions)


Partner - Product Integration Program

Integration SSL reseller partner programs are ideal for individuals or organizations who plan to order and manage SSL Certificates on behalf of their clients or offer a variety of products and services to existing customers.

Integrators can also take advantage of the referral link program.

Integrator benefits:
  • Manage certificates for your clients
  • Recurring income from clients
  • Generous discounts (up to 25%)


Why Partner with DigiCert?

Lifetime Recurring Revenue

Get credit for every customer purchase year after year after year. This perpetual revenue stream provides your business with residual income long after your initial investment in obtaining the customer.

5-Star Customer Service

No phone queues here. Never again deal with a phone menu. As the only 5-star rated Certificate Authority, we have real technicians who can help you or your customers 24/7.

Partner With an Industry Leader

DigiCert is the fastest growing certificate provider in the world, with a client list that includes companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, PayPal, IBM, Sony, Wikipedia, ICANN, and countless others.

No Upfront Costs, No Sales Gimmicks

Never worry about prepayments or account fees. Our reseller programs have no upfront or backend costs. Your profit starts with your very first sale. The only quotas here are the ones you set for yourself.

Fastest Validation Speeds

With the fastest validations in the industry. Our innovative verification process lets us do in minutes what it takes our competitors days to do. Fast certificates mean faster commissions, and happier customers.

Time to Get Started

Your SSL opportunity is worldwide. DigiCert secure sites in over 180 countries around the world, giving you the world as your opportunity for a customer base. Our focus is helping you grow your business and achieve greater success.