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No Upfront Costs & Lifetime Commissions

The DigiCert Reseller Partner Program allows business owners to expand current product offerings and sell DigiCert certificates to their own customer base, earning commission with no upfront cost.

DigiCert is a trusted leader in the SSL Certificate industry. We offer around-the-clock support and market-leading tools for SSL management, which are available to our partners.

Whether you plan pass along occasional referrals or create an integrated program for your clients to order and maintain certificates for themselves, the DigiCert Partner Program offers flexibility and a number of benefits.


Who Should Become a DigiCert Reseller Partner?

The DigiCert Partner Program is ideal for any business that wants to offer clients SSL Certificates, including systems integrators, managed service providers, IT consultants, and hosting providers just to name a few. Becoming a partner with a trusted Certificate Authority (CA), such as DigiCert, allows you to offer a full line of certificates without taking on the burden of maintaining a CA or worrying about compliance, technicalities, or security issues—leave that to us.

Two Ways to Sell Certificates

Our Partner Program is flexible, so you can easily incorporate selling certificates into your current workflows and/or business model. You can sell certificates through referral links or use complete product integration, or a combination of both. Learn more about the two strategies below.

Referral Linking

Partners can use referral links to bring potential clients to DigiCert. In this scenario, the partner does not manage the certificates on behalf of their clients but earns commissions for every certificate sold.

  • Clients manage their own certificates
  • Recurring commissions
  • Get paid monthly
    (Up to 25% commissions)

Product Integration Program

Product integration is for organizations that plan to order and manage certificates on behalf of clients, or offer a variety of products to existing customers.

  • Manage certificates for your clients
  • Recurring commissions
  • Get paid monthly
    (Up to 25% commissions)
Certificates Sold per Month Commission Rate
1 - 4 10%
5 - 25 15%
26 - 50 20%
51 - 100 25%
100 + Email for more information.

Commission Structure

The DigiCert Reseller Partner Program doesn't require any upfront payments. You can simply refer new customers and then earn commission. Please review the box for a brief summary of the commission structure.


Why Partner with DigiCert?

DigiCert is the fastest-growing certificate provider in the world and is trusted by more than 110,000 organizations. The DigiCert Partner Program is a great way to earn your business residual income month over month while providing your clients highly important SSL Certificates. There are no upfront or backend costs or account fees. Sign up to be a partner today and start enjoying a profit with your very first sale.