Frequently asked questions about using the DigiCert site seals

How do I use the site seal code?

The site seal code consists of two code parts: HTML AND JavaScript.

HTML code

The HTML code ("div" container block) displays the DigiCert Site Seal on your web page. Paste the "div" portion of the code into your page code wherever you want the seal to appear on the web page.

JavaScript code

The JavaScript code is used to make the site seal work (for example, the code makes the site seal appear on the page and styles the "div" container block). Paste the script portion of the page code anywhere on the page (for example, next to the "div" block).

Can I have more than one site seal on my web page?

Yes, you can.

Same site seal in multiple places on your web page

Do you want the same site seal to appear on your web page in more than one place? Simply place the code (HTML and JavaScript together) on your page code in each spot you want the site seal to appear.

Different site seals on your web page

Do you want to have two different site seals on the same web page (for example, a large seal on your login form and a smaller seal in the page header or footer)? Then, generate the code for each site seal separately and place the code (HTML and JavaScript together) where you want it to appear on the page.

Can I modify the site seal code?

We recommend using the code as is. Modify code at your own risk.

Items to note if you decide to modify the code:

  • <div> tag – You may choose to modify the "div" tag for styling purpose.

    For example, you may decide to add an inline style attribute, or a class attribute referenced in a style sheet.

  • ID attribute – Never modify the ID attribute on the "div" tag.

  • JavaScript code – We recommend that you don't modify the JavaScript.

Which domains will this site seal work with?

Each site seal is tied to a specific certificate order. The site seal will only display properly on domains included in the certificate order.

Can I test my site seal on a development domain?

The site seal will not work in a development environment if the development domain is not on the certificate.

Class attribute "allow-test-seal"

To allow a test version of the site seal to load on any domain, add the class attribute "allow-test-seal" to the "div" tag for the site seal.

To prevent an invalid test seal from appearing on your live website, you must remove the "allow-test-seal" class before deploying your code.

Do I need to update my site seal code every time I renew a certificate?

No. On certificate order renewals, the code generated for the previous order is still valid.

However, if you purchase a new certificate for the same domains and that certificate is NOT specifically a renewal order for the previous certificate, you need to generate new site seal code for that certificate order and update the site seal code on your web page.