Simplified PKI Solutions for Securing Connected Medical Devices

Networked Medical Devices

The threats facing healthcare organizations are changing rapidly as new connected devices enter healthcare environments. The lack of security in connected medical devices is alarming and can have a direct impact on a patient’s safety. While healthcare organizations have been focused on the important task of protecting sensitive healthcare data, new threats are emerging that require new innovative security approaches.

As a leading provider of IoT encryption and authentication, DigiCert specializes in IoT security solutions; including those for connected medical devices. DigiCert issues certificates using multiple signature algorithms, public key types, and cryptographic properties that ensure all data in transit from user-to-device, device-to-device, and device-to-server is encrypted and secure. With device-to-server data, certificate authentication also assures that the device is connecting to a trusted WiFi. These factors prevent unauthorized access into medical devices, keeping both patients and their PHI safe.

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Healthcare IoT Security Made Easy

DigiCert solutions deliver the trust required in IoT device management, system and device authentication, encrypted device and system data communications, and secure software—even new updates and patches are properly authenticated to confirm they are from a trusted source. These simplified approaches in integrating highly scalable, available, and customizable IoT security into healthcare organizations, hospitals, and homes with remote medical monitoring.

CA Infrastructure
Hosted Versus On-Premise Solutions

A private PKI solution can never be used in a way that is trusted automatically by external services or relying parties. While private PKI may be a primary use-case, being able to also flexibly issue publicly trusted certificates is often incredibly valuable as an addition.

Choosing to act as an internal CA is tempting; on the surface, it may appear to be the easier option. Setting up a self-run CA is fairly easy; whereas, deploying, managing, and maintaining an enterprise-level PKI security solution can be a complicated task.

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Security Design and Consulting
Plan, Prepare, and Architect for Healthcare IoT

DigiCert's security design and consulting service works with leading companies worldwide to make sure Healthcare IoT implementations are security-focused from beginning to end.

Our security experts can assist in readiness assessment, design and deployment, architecture and PKI security review, and Healthcare IoT security solution implementation. We also provide access to partners who offer other needed Healthcare IoT services.

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Device Identity Management
Needed Solutions for Connected Device Identification

In the Healthcare IoT, Identity Management no longer just involves identifying people and managing their access to sensitive data, non-sensitive data, device data, etc. Connected medical devices, sensors, monitors need to be integrated into the Identity Management process.

In the Healthcare IoT, implementation must include an Identity Management solution that includes managing human-to-device, device-to-device, and device-to-system communications, and access to the different types of data. For example, an Sysadmin will need access to different data when troubleshooting a device malfunction then a Nurse or doctor checking patient information.

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Key Management
Securing Private Keys for Healthcare IoT Deployments

Key management may be the most difficult part of managing the private keys for hundreds, thousands, or millions of digital certificates. Compromised private keys can allow rogue devices to connect to a Healthcare IoT network or eavesdrop on and even modify encrypted messages.

Options for private key management include: Hosted HSM where Key Management is hosted and managed by a publicly trusted CA or On-Premise HSM where Key Management is hosted and managed by the Healthcare IoT provider/organization.

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Digital Certificates
Medical Device Authentication and Data Encryption

As part of the DigiCert's Healthcare PKI solution, digital certificates serve as the foundation of a Healthcare IoT network's security by establishing trust for all interactions within a network through authentication and encryption.

Our Healthcare PKI solution uses digital certificates for device-to-device and device-to-services authentication. Digital certificates are also used to encrypt the data shared between devices and smart systems.

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Provisioning and Deployment
Issuing Certificates at the Speed of Healthcare IoT

No Healthcare IoT deployment is too large or too small for DigiCert's IoT solution. Certificate requests can be automated using our REST API, SCEP, EST.

Our streamlined certificate management process comes with all the needed provisioning and deployment functions: certificate issuing, downloading, revoking, etc.

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Signing Services
Validating Code Authenticity and Sender Identity

DigiCert’s signing services establish a way for Healthcare IoT implementations to confirm that device configuration settings, firmware, software, etc. have not been tampered with during startup.

Furthermore, our signing services also create a way for connected devices to identify whether firmware and software updated can be trusted and have not been modified.

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