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Post-quantum certificates

The post-quantum computing era is rapidly approaching, and it will mean the end of encryption as we know it today. That’s why we’re working closely with partners throughout the industry to develop and test post-quantum encryption methods to protect tomorrow’s data. 

IoT privacy and security

From smart vacuum robots to smart speakers, IoT devices are an everyday part of many consumers’ lives. But without proper security policies and technology they can put privacy at risk. That’s why DigiCert Labs is developing a system of categorizing IoT device security using AI and pattern recognition technologies. 


Meet The Team

Avesta Hojjati


Avesta is the Head of R&D at DigiCert, where he manages advanced development of cybersecurity products with a particular focus on applied cryptography, blockchain, post-quantum cryptography and IoT security.



Dean is the Senior Director of Business Development at DigiCert. He also serves as the current vice chair of the CA/B Forum and chairs the ASC X9 PKI Study Group.


Jason is the Chief Technology Officer and former VP of research and development at DigiCert. He has twice been named a Utah Genius for top inventor, and holds over 50 patents.


Tim is DigiCert’s primary representative in multiple industry standards bodies. He has over 15 years of computer security experience, including eight years working on research funded by D.A.R.P.A.


Innovation in practice

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