Smart City IoT Security Solutions

Maximize smart grid efficiency by protecting real-time
data sharing using PKI-based security solutions.


Why Smart Cities Need Security

Organizations collecting data from smart meters, switches, and other sensors can reduce electricity, water, and gas usage, save money, and institute more efficient demand response-type programs, including quicker outage checking and resolution. However, with so many different devices and services connected, there are risks of large data loss, system tampering, and downtime.

How to Secure Smart City IoT

A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution secures smart city IoT by using digital certificates to authenticate a device, system, or network, encrypt all communications, and uphold data integrity.

PKI Addresses Common IoT Security Challenges

Electrical engineers, software engineers, and manufacturers are just some of the roles tasked with the important job of deciding the best way to secure data in an IoT ecosystem.

Using the DigiCert Cloud PKI service and with knowledge from our PKI engineers, we can help you design a customized solution, implement it on your desired timeline, and succeed from the start.

  • How to securely deploy digital certificates to devices
  • How to implement security at various points of production
  • How digital certificates play a role in a larger security solution


PKI Isn’t Just for Web Security

Despite common misconceptions, PKI is a perfect match for the exploding IoT sector, providing trust and control. An ideal security solution for smart meters and sensors, PKI can be incorporated during product design, build, deployment, or ongoing maintenance.


X.509 certificates aren't required for IoT devices


Digital certificates can accommodate different profiles—even tiny ones

Competitively Priced

IoT certificates are cost-effective and priced to scale

High-Volume Certificate Issuance Platform

Streamline management for all your IoT certificates using our scalable platform.

Provision, issue, renew, and revoke certificates in one place without additional hassle or manual error.

Secure storage and management for certificate keys

Custom certificate profiles

Automated high-volume deployment

Scanning and remediation suggestions for vulnerabilities

Analytics and reports about your network

Automated certificate issuance via REST API, SCEP, EST

Updates to cryptographic curves, algorithms, and hashes

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Why Choose DigiCert to Secure
Your IoT Infrastructure?

Whether internal or publicly trusted CA, DigiCert offers solutions for both cloud and on-premise infrastructures to fit any IoT deployment requirement.

Certificates serve as the foundation of IoT network security by establishing trust for all interactions through authentication and encryption. DigiCert offers a full line of certificates to meet every IoT security need.

We can help ensure you are security-focused from beginning to end. We offer services for design and deployment, architecture and PKI security reviews, implementation, and more.

Issue certificates at the speed needed for IoT using our high-volume issuance platform. Further save time by automating management tasks using REST API, SCEP, or EST.

Consolidate, organize, and manage identity relationships for people, devices, and sensors using digital certificates coupled with solutions from our partners.

Certificates can confirm original device configuration settings as well as sign messages going back and forth from devices, ensuring that messages have not been changed.

DigiCert partners with leading HSM manufacturers to provide customers the most secure hosted HSM solution for private key management. An on-premise HSM option is also available.

From compliance reviews to on-site trainings to custom apps and scripts, our PKI experts offer services that meet the unique needs of your growing IoT landscape.

Our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you won’t wait for issuance or for help at any stage of certificate management lifecycle.

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