Essay Question to Win $1,000 Scholarship:

Most of today’s websites are secured with SSL Certificates, but even in the past few years Internet security has changed immensely. We want you to think about how fast the Internet security landscape is changing and explain how you see it evolving and improving in the future for both personal and business purposes. Be creative and think outside the box.

Thinking of the rapid rate of change in Internet security, answer the following question:

Where do you see Internet security in five years?


How To Enter

  • Write

    Write a 400-600 word essay about where you see Internet security in the next five years.
  • Post

    Post the essay on your blog or website.
  • Submit

    By Feb. 1st 2018, enter your name, email, and the URL of where your essay post is located in the fields to the right. Then click submit.

Helpful Guidelines

Want to increase your chance of winning? Follow these simple tips:

  • Be concise
    • 400-600 words is not a lot. Choose your words wisely.
  • Be creative
    • Don't hold back.
  • Use examples
    • They enhance the credibility of your essay.
  • Link your sources
    • Either in-text or at the bottom.
  • Submit before the deadline (Feb. 1st, 2018)!
    • We won't accept late entries.
Scholarship Submission

Congratulations to our recent winners!

Anthony Guttman

University of Nevada

15th Feb 2018

Matthew Cox

University of Connecticut

15th Oct 2017

Oscar Garza

University of Texas

15th February 2017

Alexandra Koehler

Georgia State University

15th August 2016

Andrew Carter-Czyzewicz

Kaplan University

15th May 2016