End-to-End Security for Industries of All Sizes

IoT security is vital for all industries and must be part of every IoT project design. However, each industry brings its own regulations, standards, and technologies that shape a company’s specific IoT security needs.

DigiCert's PKI solution for IoT systems and IoT devices leverages our industry-leading certificate management platform and robust, scalable deployment systems and APIs. Our PKI solution meets the needs of all industries (technology, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.) and scales to projects of every size. DigiCert's PKI solution brings end-to-end security and management to the Internet of Things.

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Home automation services offer convenience, such as allowing users to lock a front door using a smartphone or to control a thermostat while on vacation. However, these conveniences are vulnerable for attack if left unsecured. Smart homes and appliances must be developed with security built-in, which is why many companies are partnering with DigiCert to provide consumers and IoT providers security assurance.

Home automation servers require complete trust across a large number of devices and platforms, each with their own set of trust standards and unique nuances in establishing secured connections and securing communications. DigiCert's IoT solution provides authentication for devices and systems making sure that before a connection is made trust is established. Only after trust is established can the connection be made and other transactions may occur. Our IoT solution also encrypts any sensitive data exchanged between devices and systems protecting sensitive information while in transit.

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As the Internet of Things grows and more devices become connected, enterprises face the challenge of using technological advancements to automate aspects of their business to enhance productivity and enable optimal efficiency.

Enterprises also face challenges that come from BYOD or BYIoTD. Whether work-related or not, IoT devices transmit information, which means enterprises have new unsecure endpoints to monitor—ones that could access and compromise an entire network of proprietary or consumer data.

DigiCert's IoT PKI solution enables enterprises to securely use technological advancements for business automation. Many enterprises today are finding that PKI meets the IoT demands for security, scalability, and flexibility.


In Healthcare IoT, connected medical devices are revolutionizing the way patients engage with healthcare. These advances in technology help deliver better efficiency, accuracy, and overall quality. However, unsecure devices risk exposing millions of patients and healthcare providers to safety and security threats. Today, many of these medical devices, including drug infusion pumps, Bluetooth-enabled ICDs, and X-ray machines, could be vulnerable to attack if not properly secured, which could also endanger a patient's life.

PKI is a fundamental aspect of securing IoT devices, and it can ensure that health information systems and connected medical devices protect patient health through authentication, encryption, and digital signing.

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Smart industry and manufacturing are about creating environments, such as grids and shop floors, where vital information is securely transmitted (using sensors and other types of connected devices), captured, and then analyzed in real-time to make cities or plants operate more efficiently.

Smart cities, smart grids, smart manufacturing need to be built around strong security. DigiCert's IoT PKI solution ensures secure deployments from infrastructure development to the production stage of your smart city or manufacturing projects.

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A key benefit of the Internet of Things is the collection of real-time data that can be analyzed and acted upon to improve quality of lives or efficiency. Organizations that collect data from smart meters, switches, and other sensors can reduce electricity, water, and gas usage, save money, and institute more efficient demand response type programs, including quicker outage checking and resolution.

However, this connectedness also brings with it inherent risks that must be addressed during IoT device creation and implementation. DigiCert’s PKI solution enables device-to-device or device-to-system authentication, making sure that data can only be collected from trusted devices. DigiCert's PKI solution encrypts the sensitive data being exchanged, preventing information from being modified or stolen. DigiCert's signing services provide ways to ensure that sensor or meter software, firmware, or configuration settings have not been tampered with.

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The connected car is fastly becoming the most sophisticated mobile device in the Internet of Things. The connected IoT car is a trend fueled in large part by consumer demand. However, with this rise in new innovation comes an equal rise in cyberattack opportunity. Researchers recently were able to use Wi-Fi sniffers to track a vehicle's location using 802.11p connectivity that can be used for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications. Protecting cars against these ever-evolving threats must be done from the very beginning. Connected cars must be developed with proper security to provide brand and consumer trust, or consumer demand may be stifled.

DigiCert is a leading security solutions provider of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology for securing networked devices, including connected automobiles. DigiCert's IoT solution helps solve some of the automotive security challenges, such as connected device and system authentication, encryption of sensitive data sent from connected devices and systems, and signing services to provide a method to verify that firmware or software updates have not been modified.

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