Press Release 03-16-2023

DigiCert marks strong growth rate in 2022 and builds momentum for digital trust vision

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(LEHI, Utah) March 16, 2023DigiCert, Inc., a leading global provider of digital trust, shared today its 2022 business highlights, marked by strong growth in revenue and customer acquisition throughout the past year. By addressing customer needs for comprehensive digital trust, DigiCert is executing a vision for best-in-class innovation with solutions that protect organizations from the risks they face from increasing connectivity. 

“DigiCert is proud of the top-line growth and profitability we delivered last year, as well as the expansion of our DigiCert ONE platform with leading digital trust solutions for all users, devices, software and content,” said DigiCert CEO Amit Sinha. “This year, we will execute relentlessly on behalf of our customers and partners by delivering innovative solutions that address their challenges, shaping industry standards that govern requirements for trust and enabling a more secure connected world.”

"In today's increasingly connected world, digital trust — and its foundational pillars of identity, authentication, encryption and integrity — is essential,” said Jennifer Glenn, IDC Security and Trust Group research director, who recently published a white paper on digital trust as the foundation for digital freedom. “DigiCert offers trusted solutions for organizations and individuals alike to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and peace of mind."

Over the course of the past year, DigiCert continued to successfully execute on its vision while building momentum for 2023.

Growth milestones

Throughout the year, DigiCert achieved several growth milestones, including:

  • Growing Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) over 15% year over year.
  • Growing the cohort of $1M+ ARR customers by more than 30%.
  • Earning a customer service Net Promoter Score of 79.
  • Serving more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies.
  • Increasing the number of full-time employees by 13% to best support customer needs around the globe.

Expanded Total Addressable Market (TAM) with new solutions for digital trust

Through strategic acquisitions and new solutions for DigiCert® ONE, the platform for digital trust, DigiCert continued to significantly expand its TAM. Expansion highlights include:

  • Introduced DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager, which unifies CA-agnostic certificate management, PKI services and best-in-class public trust issuance for a full-stack solution governing digital trust infrastructure.
  • Grew Device Trust offerings, following the acquisition of Mocana, delivering a comprehensive platform for managing security across the device lifecycle.
  • Added DNS Trust solutions, in conjunction with the acquisition of DNS Made Easy, delivering industry-leading availability and performance for authoritative DNS.
  • Supported development of the Matter security standard and released the first Matter-compliant Root CA and affiliated services for smart home device security and interoperability.
  • Surpassed 3 billion devices secured globally.
  • Processed an average of more than 40 billion DNS queries per day.
  • Continued growing regional-specific offerings that address regulations, data sovereignty and speed of operations.

Industry and standards leadership

DigiCert also continued its leadership in industry standards, including:

  • Email trust: DigiCert led efforts to draft and pass the S/MIME Baseline Requirements, the first standard for issuing publicly trusted digital certificates for email security, with the CA/Browser (CA/B) Forum. DigiCert has also improved Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) standards and adoption for trademarks for email trust.
  • Web, document and electronic signature trust: DigiCert is advocating for stronger standards in European electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) for web and electronic signature trust. The company co-authored RFC 9336, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard that defines a general-purpose extended key usage for electronic signature and document signing trust.
  • Trust foundations: DigiCert is chairing many of the CA/B Forum working groups and the PKI groups at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X9. DigiCert is also working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and industry participants in post-quantum cryptography transition and worked with X9 on their Quantum Risk Study Group report.
  • Connected device trust: DigiCert worked with the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) to develop and launch version 1.0 of the Matter standard for connected devices.

Industry recognition

In 2022, DigiCert was recognized for its solutions and culture:

  • Identity & Access Security Solution American Business Awards Winner — DigiCert ONE
  • Utah Business: Best Companies to Work For
  • CRN’s 10 Coolest IoT Security Companies: The 2022 Internet of Things 50

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About DigiCert, Inc.
DigiCert is a leading global provider of digital trust, enabling individuals and businesses to engage online with the confidence that their footprint in the digital world is secure. DigiCert® ONE, the platform for digital trust, provides organizations with centralized visibility and control over a broad range of public and private trust needs, securing websites, enterprise access and communication, software, identity, content and devices. DigiCert pairs its award-winning software with its industry leadership in standards, support and operations, and is the digital trust provider of choice for leading companies around the world. For more information, visit or follow @digicert.