Partner Newsletter Issue 1 February 2018

Now that Symantec Website Security is part of DigiCert, we’re excited to bring together the industry’s top talent and capabilities. Our combined teams are working together to simplify certificate management and continue bringing you the best SSL/TLS and PKI solutions. Welcome to DigiCert!

Welcome, New Partners

This first issue of our DigiCert Partner News finds partners around the world celebrating any number of occasions this week: Happy Foundation Day, Happy Valentine’s Day, a Blessed Lent, Happy Lunar New Year, Happy President’s Day, and Happy Family Day to you – and of course, good luck to your country’s Olympians competing in PyeongChang. We’re glad you’re taking time amidst all these celebrations to spend time catching up with us.

A Bit About DigiCert
If you haven’t worked with DigiCert before, welcome. DigiCert has a strong industry reputation for being fast, reliable, and responsive. We’re known for our exceptional customer support and fast issuance, industry-leading OCSP response times, and award-winning PKI and IoT management platforms.

Due to the greater-than-expected volume of certificate requests since 1 December 2017, we know some of you have experienced longer issuance times than our usual, leading standard of issuing OV within minutes and EV within hours. We’re very sorry for not meeting your (or our own) expectations for certificate ordering. We’re working diligently to return to our usual speeds. Learn more about DigiCert.

The DigiCert Certified Partner Program
Now that we’re a part of DigiCert, the Website Security Partner Program is now the DigiCert Certified Partner Program. Look for details of this exciting program in March 2018.


New Root Hierarchy
DigiCert met the 1 December 2017 deadline of integration with Symantec systems, which transferred validation and issuance of SSL/TLS certificates from the Symantec infrastructure to the DigiCert infrastructure. Now, all new certificates will be issued from DigiCert root certificates—and completely compliant with Google and Mozilla’s requirements for trust. Accordingly, we updated our Web PKI hierarchy to ensure that your certificates are properly distributed and trusted. Read more

Reissue Certificates before Distrust Deadlines
Many SSL/TLS certificates issued from the Symantec infrastructure will require reissuance by certain deadlines to ensure continuity for your customers. Some certificates need attention immediately. Some can wait. The first deadline is 15 March 2018, which impacts only certificates issued before 1 June 2016 and expiring on/after 15 March 2018; it is strongly advised to reissue certificates within these dates as soon as possible to avoid risk or delays.

Refer to our ongoing outreach for details about which certificates will be impacted by the upcoming deadline, or contact your account manager now. In advance of the remaining deadlines, we will continue outreach to you to specify which certificates are affected and when they need to be reissued. We will replace all affected certificates at no cost to your customers. Since certificates issued from the DigiCert infrastructure are not impacted by these deadlines, you can continue to order and manage new certificates. Learn more.

Check Individual Domains for Distrust
You can use our simple web-based tool to check whether any domain has a GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Symantec, or Thawte certificate and needs action related to upcoming releases of Google Chrome. This tool is publicly available, so partners can offer it to customers who want objective factualization of their certificate’s status. Visit it at

The upcoming deadline for Chrome 66 distrust is approaching quickly, so we recommend taking action as soon as possible on any affected certificates.

End of Life for 3-Year Certificates
We recently sent email notifications about the industry-wide implementation of CA/Browser Forum Ballot 193 which will restrict enrollments, renewals, and replacements to a maximum of 825 days beginning 1 March 2018. (If you missed the emails, contact your account manager).

To ensure that we’ll be able to process all orders in time to meet the industry deadline, please submit orders for publicly-trusted OV and DV SSL/TLS certificates with 3-year validity periods as soon as you can. Our “last order” deadline can be found on our Partner Blog, and it will apply across all four brands: GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Symantec and Thawte.

Upcoming Events

Planning to attend CloudFest 2018, held 10-16 March at Europa Park in Rust, Germany?

  • Use the code “CF18AEJ” for FREE standard registration or discounted VIP registration. Register here.
  • Visit DigiCert at booth E010!
  • Attend our conference sessions
    • PKI that Works: Advancing Usability While Expanding Use Join DigiCert Executive Vice President of Product Jeremy Rowley for a fast-paced run-through of technical innovation where emerging markets and PKI align.
      Tuesday 13 March, 11:25 AM
      The Dome Room, .COM main.FORUM

Will Our Toys Break Us? Cyber(in)security in 2018 and Beyond Join DigiCert in a lively IoT panel session.
Tuesday 13 March, 2:30 – 3:30 PM
Ballsaal Berlin Room, .NET. main.FORUM


  • On-Demand: New Web PKI Hierarchy. Register here.
  • On-Demand: Ensuring a Smooth Transition for Your Symantec Certificates. Register here.
  • On-Demand: Getting Ahead of the Compliance Curve. Register here.
  • Live: DigiCert Monthly Threat Briefing. Register here.

Tech Corner

Replacing SHA1 Code Signing Certificates
We have resumed allowing your customers to reissue SHA1 Code Signing Certificates, provided that the replacement certificate must expire before 7 February 2020. This capability is available in both the SOAP Reissue API and the End User Portal.

Partner Center Report
The Approval Link within the Partner Center Report wasn’t working as intended. The Approval Link functionality is now resolved.

Both of these updates above were made in the 18 January 2018 release. Of course, we welcome your feedback on these and your suggestions for future improvements.

Recent Releases
Be sure to follow our Partner Blog, where the two most recent postings recap the latest enhancements you can take advantage of – in our partner portal, API, tools and more!

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