Better Security for Email Users

Secure Email GraphicSecure Email Graphic

Using an email certificate for user authentication encrypts transmission and signs the message, delivering comprehensive benefits for the sender and receiver.

  • Prevents tampering
  • Content remains unaltered
  • Ensures message privacy
  • Keeps sensitive info private
  • Proves authorship
  • Shows the email came from you

Easier and Proper
Management for Admins

Don’t let email be your weakest security link. The DigiCert PKI Platform gives you a central console to administer email certificates simply, so every person in your organization can send protected communications.

Email Checklist for the Enterprise

The 5 tools you need to efficiently deploy and manage email certificates to users.

Centralized administration

Centralized administration

Manage and deploy all your certificates from a single platform.

Email Recovery

Email recovery

Choose from cloud-based, two-part recovery or on-prem key escrow.

EStandard Custom

Standard or custom certificate profiles

Save time by using pre-configured certificate profiles that our experts designed.


Flexible enrollment

Choose a method that fits your needs: PKI client, self-support portal, OS/browser enrollment or MDM web services.

Automated Deploy

Deploy pre-configured workflows

Enjoy hands-off deployment. Automated options available via PKI client with Gateway and Active Directory (AD) authentication, or via Passcode or via MDM service.

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