Security Solutions for Websites

Encrypt and protect your site—every page, every user, every day.


More flexible certificate options

From wildcard to multi-domain and with plans up to six years, we’ve got you covered.

Get the exact type of TLS/SSL certificate you need. Buy a DigiCert Basic certificate and choose how you want to configure it:

  • single domain
  • multi-domain (SAN) for up to 250 domains
  • wildcard

And now all of these certificates are available with up to six years of coverage.

Without an SSL Certificate, Your Website Is Vulnerable to Hackers and Untrusted by Web Browsers

SSL is the foundation of a good security strategy and a good website. When a browser flags your site as “not secure,” the window on consumer confidence closes. The first step toward securing your site is installing a trusted SSL certificate.

Security Solutions for Websites with DigiCert SSL Certificates.

Why Every Website Needs SSL


Secure all communication to and from your site.


Protect personal and financial data.

Brand Trust

Improve SEO rankings and online store performance.

Basic SSL

Get started with a secure foundation. All the certificates you need, backed by the industry’s highest-rated support.

  • Compatibly with all major browsers
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • DigiCert CertCentral®

Secure Site SSL

This industry-favorite certificate now has all the trusted benefits of DigiCert Basic plus:

  • Norton Seal
  • Priority Support & Validation
  • Antivirus Scanner & Malware Checker
  • $1.75 Million Warranty
  • DigiCert CertCentral®

Secure Site Pro SSL

Zero-compromise certificates that offer complete, pro-grade security beyond encryption. It’s DigiCert Basic plus Secure Site plus a lot more:

  • DigiCert Trusted Seal or Norton™ Seal
  • Priority Support & Validation
  • Certificate Transparency (CT) Log Monitoring
  • Antivirus Scanner & Malware Checker
  • Post-Quantum Crypto-Ready
  • DigiCert CertCentral®
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Basic SSL Certificate

Trusted basic certificates on trusted DigiCert roots. Can be configured as multi-domain or wildcard for up to six years of coverage.

Secure Site SSL Certificate

Upgrade your site security with the SSL certificate that’s backed by priority support and validation. Need multi-domain or wildcard options? Add them today for up to six years.

Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate

High-assurance certificate with comprehensive website security features. Totally configurable as multi-domain or wildcard. It’s total security that’s available today for up to six years of continuous coverage.

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Why DigiCert Is the Global Leader in Website Security

Most-trusted roots

Most-trusted roots

15 years of innovation

15 years of industry innovation

Award winning service & technical support

Award-winning service & support

Customizable & scalable platforms

Customizable & scalable platforms

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