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CARE is in DigiCert’s DNA

We live our culture drivers: Customer Obsession, Amazing Innovation, Relentless Execution and Exceptional Collaboration. We obsess over our customers, innovating and collaborating to execute what best meets their needs.

CARE also defines our employer identity. It’s our employer value proposition, which Gartner defines as “the set of attributes that the labor market and current employees perceive as the value they gain through employment with the organization.”

Our employees shared their experiences and thoughts about CARE at DigiCert – how it brought them to the company, it keeps them here and it makes them feel great about the work that they do.

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CEO Amit Sinha discusses DigiCert's employer identity. DigiCert applies its culture drivers—Customer Obsession, Amazing Innovation, Relentless Execution, and Exceptional Collaboration—to every aspect of work at the company, helping our customers and employees have the best experience possible.


Working at DigiCert

How Culture aligns
with Ikigai

Our CEO Amit Sinha said he has always been fascinated by the simple yet profound Japanese concept of Ikigai. It provides a roadmap to discover what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for. The sweet spot where these components align is your Ikigai — your source of fulfillment and balance. Ikigai’s potential extends beyond personal horizons, reaching into the heart of company culture.