Customer Obsession

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At DigiCert, we believe in fostering an innovative, responsive workplace that inspires success, personal growth, and fulfillment.

We remain committed to leading the world in digital trust, supporting this with a culture driven by Customer Obsession, Amazing Innovation, Relentless Execution, and Exceptional Collaboration. Let’s start by focusing on Customer Obsession.


What does this mean?

Unwavering dedication to customers has guided our company since its inception.

Our customer’s success is our success, so we passionately build solutions for our customers that create a world of Digital Trust.


How Does DigiCert Accomplish it?

On our team, you pursue novel solutions to enhance our products, services, and processes that lead to a world of digital trust. You access cutting-edge technology, resources, and support to actualize your innovative concepts.

You help shape the future, acknowledging change and embracing it as a challenge to be met.

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Customer Obsession

Executive Vice President Customer Service Jamie Elvidge shares how DigiCert obsesses over customers, and DigiCert employees discuss what this obsession looks like in the work that they do.


The DigiCert Difference