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Matter Compliance: Understanding and Implementing Device
Attestation Certificates

Matter is poised to change smart home devices through enhanced security, reliability, and ease of use. Beginning this holiday season, consumers will begin to see Matter devices as the preferred choice for IoT smart homes, and manufacturers meeting compliance will be able to take advantage of the market benefits that come with this new, consumer-friendly option.

To help make Matter compliance clearer and simpler to implement, we’ve gathered experts from our customers – Latch, Eve Systems, the CSA approval firm Eonti, and DigiCert—to talk about how they’re working with us to become Matter-compliant with Device Attestation.

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You'll Learn:

  1. Best practices for implementing Product Attestation Intermediates (PAI) and Device Attestation Certificates (DAC)
  2. Deployment options for device attestation certificates
  3. Potential impact of Matter for other industries
  4. Considerations for deciding between in-house PKI versus managed PKI
Matter Webinar Speaker

Mike Nelson

VP of IoT Security, DigiCert

Mike Nelson is the VP of IoT Security at DigiCert, a leader in digital security. In this role, Mike oversees the company's strategic IoT development for critical infrastructure industries. Mike frequently consults with organizations, contributes to media reports, and speaks at industry conferences about how technology can be used to improve cybersecurity for connected systems. Before DigiCert, Mike spent his career in healthcare IT including time at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, GE Healthcare, and Leavitt Partners. Mike's passion for the industry stems from his personal experience as a type 1 diabetic and his use of connected technology in his treatment.

Matter Webinar Speaker

Andrew Kontra

Director of Product Technology, Latch

Andrew Kontra is the Director of Product Technology at Latch, focusing on new and emerging technologies across the Access Control and Smart Home industries, leads Latch's Smart Home business unit, and represents Latch in the Thread Group. Kontra previously worked at Apple on Wireless and Security technologies. Andrew received a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University.

Matter Webinar Speaker

Tim Both

Senior Manager, Brand & Product, Eve Systems

Time Both is Senior Manager for Brand & Product at Eve Systems, defining and aligning the company's activities around the development, implementation, and go-to-market strategy of Matter. As an active member of the Thread Group and CSA, he works across the industry to bring the shared vision of a truly connected smart home to life. Prior to his work transitioning the Eve product portfolio to Thread and Matter, he worked on brand & product strategy for Elgato and Eve. 

Matter Webinar Speaker

Oscar Marcia

Founder and CEO, Eonti Inc.

Oscar Marcia, CEO of Eonti is a PKI Specialist and provides direction for trust management implementations to several critical infrastructure industries, such as emergency services, communications, energy, healthcare, and transportation sectors. In addition, Oscar designed, developed, implemented, and manages several global digital certificate issuance services, including Next-Generation 9-1-1, cable broadband industry, Smart Grid utilities, and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging ecosystems. Oscar has implemented some of the largest global PKI services with over 600 million certificates issued. Oscar has over 30 years of experience in developing security architectures, trust management solutions, and performing risk assessments of large-scale global distributed systems. Oscar performed the PKI assessment of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's PKI and has previously worked as a Security Systems Engineer/Security Advocate to the U.S. federal government and the Department of Defense. 


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