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The AI Model impact
on the Software
Supply Chain

Learn how AI threats challenge everything from
malware injection to signing fraud—and how digital
trust protects code and the software supply chain.

Digital Trust in Software Supply Chain and AI Models

As the world increasingly relies on software and AI-driven systems, the importance of digital trust in the software supply chain and AI models has never been greater. In this exclusive webinar, our panel of experts discuss the challenges, strategies, and solutions required to maintain digital trust and ensure a secure software ecosystem.

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Learn About

Malware Injection

Delve into the mechanisms and techniques through which malware infiltrates the software supply chain and learn about effective strategies for detection and prevention.

Combating Malicious AI/ML Models

Explore the emerging threats posed by adversarial AI and ML models and discuss best practices for defending against these malicious technologies.

Preventing Fraud in Software Signing

Understand the critical role of secure software signing in maintaining digital trust and discover methods for detecting and preventing fraud in this vital process.

Delivering Secure and Authenticated Software

Learn about Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and technologies that enable companies to provide their customers with secure, authenticated software, building trust and confidence in their offerings.


This expert panel brings together decades of experience in cybersecurity and
technology leadership, and a wealth of insights on securing the software supply
chain and AI models.

Amit Sinha

Dr. Amit Sinha

CEO, DigiCert

Mario Vuksan

Mario Vuksan

CEO, Reversing Labs

Hugh Thompson

Dr. Hugh Thompson

Program Chair, RSA Conference and
former CTO of Symantec

Sasa Zdjelar

Saša Zdjelar

Operating Partner, Crosspoint Capital
and former SVP of Security Assurance
at Salesforce

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Securing the software
supply chain

Code signing, threat detection, and Software Build
of Materials. Drive software protection with
effortless solutions.

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