PKI 12-21-2020

25 Security Blogs and PKI Experts You Need to Follow Today


As it stands, the global cybersecurity market is worth $173B and predicted to grow to $270B by 2026. It's fair to say, then, the sector is expanding quickly, with security and public key infrastructure (PKI) becoming an increasing priority for organizations as everyone adapts to a remote post-COVID-19 world.

But with constant updates and dramatic news headlines, it can be hard to stay on top of the latest insights.

So to get the inside track, we've compiled a list of the top 25 blogs and experts, in no particular order, in the security and PKI space that will get your questions answered:

  1. The International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
  2. The IACR is a non-profit, scientific organization with a view to advance research in the cryptography field. Their blog is full of news, events and publications, and there's also an option to become a member for added insights.

  3. Security Boulevard
  4. This site is home to the security bloggers network (SBN), which is over 400 blogs strong. It promotes content from leading bloggers in the security space, and a quick search will provide you with a number of PKI-related discussions.

  5. InfoSec News
  6. InfoSec News is a long-running and well-respected source of cybersecurity news, and the cryptography section of this blog features hand-curated news and a steady stream of helpful content.

  7. The Last Watchdog
  8. This blog is run by Byron Acohido, a Pulitzer-winning journalist and respected cybersecurity influencer. It heavily features his take on PKI's expanding role in digital transformation.

  9. Dark Reading
  10. Considered a leading news outlet in the industry, Dark Reading offers a broad range of cybersecurity topics, from analytics and application security to mobile and cloud security. It's regularly updated, so you'll never fall out of the loop.

  11. Brian Honan
  12. Brian Honan writes plenty of timely, news-related cybersecurity updates and roundups on his BH Consulting blog. It’s perfect for keeping up with today’s rapidly changing security landscape.

  13. David Bisson
  14. A self-professed security junkie, David Bisson is an infosec contributing editor at tech giants IBM Security and Tripwire. His Twitter account is full of regular industry updates.

  15. Bob Carver
  16. Bob Carver has been named one of the top five Cybersecurity experts on LinkedIn and one of the top 10 on Twitter. Awards Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers to follow, so he’s not one to miss.

  17. A few thoughts on cryptographic engineering
  18. Matthew Green, a professor and cryptographer at John Hopkins University, runs this blog in which, among other resources, he highlights an “attack of the week” to analyze how systems fare against sophisticated hackers.

  19. Krebs on Security
  20. Brian Krebs is a former Washington Post reporter and started his blog with the view to investigate cybersecurity trends and news.

  21. IT Security Guru
  22. The IT Security Guru blog offers readers a daily digest of breaking global IT security news stories. It's a good option for those with limited knowledge on a subject, as it makes technical topics very digestible.

  23. The Guardian
  24. The encryption section on The Guardian's website offers readers access to breaking news and updates in the field.

  25. Stacey On IoT
  26. Stacey Higginbotham provides a wealth of IoT information on her website, including news articles, how-to blog posts and a long list of interesting podcasts on the IoT. You can also find her bitesize IoT content on Twitter.

  27. CIO
  28. An online magazine specializing in security and technology content, this site is geared towards typical cybersecurity business challenges and how to solve them.

  29. MIT News
  30. With a quick search through the topics in MIT News, you'll find plenty of relevant cryptography, PKI and security blog articles.

  31. Martin Albrecht
  32. A professor in the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London, Martin blogs regularly on his areas of expertise, which include real-world cryptography and applications.

  33. IBM Research
  34. One of the world's most influential research labs, you'll find a host of cryptography articles from a large community of experts here.

  35. Graham Cluley
  36. A well-renowned industry expert, Cluley’s blog showcases his work as a writer, speaker and podcaster on the topic of cybersecurity. Cluley also has a podcast called “Smashing Security” with Carole Theriault and several special guests.

  37. Threatpost
  38. This news site features a nice mix of articles, podcasts and videos on the topic of security from all angles.

  39. Science Daily
  40. Here you'll find the latest research on security and encryption methods, featuring analysis on the newest ways to protect sensitive data.

  41. Rob van Kranenburg
  42. For everything IoT related, give Rob van Kranenburg a follow. As the founder of the IoT Council and one of the top thought leaders in the IoT, his news updates are well worth reading.

  43. Daniel Miessler
  44. Miessler is yet another cybersecurity expert. His blog includes both articles and a weekly podcast that explores the intersection of security, technology and its role within society.

  45. The Hacker News
  46. Featuring an in-depth analysis of cybersecurity trends, this blog focuses on data breaches, cyber-attacks, vulnerabilities and malware.

  47. Light Blue Touchpaper
  48. Written by researchers from the security group at The University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, this blog caters to all cryptographers and PKI advocates.

  49. Security Ledger
  50. The Security Ledger posts news on cybersecurity that intersects with all aspects of business, commerce, politics and everyday life. In 2017, Security Ledger was voted a Top 100 Information Security Blog. Follow their site for breaking-news of security-related issues.

Expand your security knowledge

When it comes to security and PKI news, there's a wealth of rich information out there. You just need to know the right places to look. If you check out these news sites, blogs and podcasts regularly, you'll be sure to keep your finger on the pulse.

Of course, we did leave one rather big blog out of this list: our own.

As a leader in modernizing the TLS certificate and PKI space, DigiCert offers a range of timely and interesting content. Our products and experts are responsible for securing some of the biggest businesses out there, including the majority of Fortune 100 organizations, so you know you can trust our insights.

So stay tuned! We'll see you in our next blog.

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