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Secure 5G: Securing the Cloud with PKI

We recently talked about how PKI can secure 5G networks. An important aspect of securing 5G is the cloud, especially as mobile network operators (MNOs) move from physical deployments to virtual. 5G is not just changing a layer of the network, it’s rebuilding new base stations and antennas. Admins and devices accessing the cloud must […]

Qualify for a VMC – How to Trademark Your Logo

In our past posts, we’ve covered two essential steps to qualify your organization for a VMC certificate: How to get your logo into the correct format How to become DMARC/BIMI compliant This week, we’ll go over another equally critical step: How to check if your brand logo is a registered trademark and apply for a […]

What is the Most Secure Voting Method?

In our last post we explained why elections are not run online — even though it seems most aspects of our lives are online — especially since the pandemic has required innovative solutions for remote life. This article will examine the current voting methods, using the example of the United States as it prepares for […]

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