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Getting Ready for BIMI: Prep Your Logo

In today’s post we’ll go into detail on the first step you need to take to get ready for Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI): How to get your logo into SVG format. Preparing your logo: creating the SVG To prepare for acquiring a VMC — and general BIMI-readiness — your logo must be in […]

Security of Online Learning

How to avoid Zoom class pranks and data breaches, and keep students safe As a majority of schools and universities move to either 100 percent online or hybrid online and in-person learning this fall, security has become even more important. Just as we saw hackers preying on the public’s heightened awareness when the pandemic began […]

1-Year Certificates are Here: What Now?

With shrinking lifetimes, using spreadsheets and notifications to manage certificate expirations is not viable. As the leader in the industry, DigiCert is continuing to develop innovative solutions to help customers do this more simply, through DigiCert CertCentral® and automation. Shorter certificate lifetimes are here, whether you’re ready or not. After Apple announced they would enforce […]

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