Certificate Management 08-10-2016

Benefits of Partnering with a Certificate Authority

Sara Drury

Partnering with a Certificate Authority (CA) allows system integrators, managed service providers, IT consultants, hosting providers, and others to expand their business by offering data security in addition to their products and services.

Unfortunately, some companies have been led to believe that working with a CA is too difficult and time-consuming, whether it be for their own business or as a business partner. There are ways to conduct SSL transactions just by using open source implementations, but there are some security risks associated with this practice. However, working with the right publicly trusted CA will actually save time and reduce burdens through provided tools and platforms that simplify certificate management for direct customers and partners.

Partnering with a CA is not only beneficial for closing business deals, but it also relieves the burden of maintaining a private CA or worrying about compliance, technicalities, or security issues. The right CA will offer the time, resources, and expertise that business partners may otherwise expend maintaining a private CA. Additionally, partners can benefit from the platforms and tools already available to simplify SSL Certificate lifecycle management for their own clients.

What Sets DigiCert Apart

Unlike other CAs, DigiCert focuses solely on SSL Certificates and certificate lifecycle management, providing the encryption needed to secure data in transit across websites and devices. DigiCert prioritizes certificate monitoring, renewal, and remediation for our own clients and does the same for our partner’s clients. The DigiCert team devotes all its time to delivering excellent customer service. Partners can contact us around-the-clock with questions or concerns about certificates.

About the DigiCert Partner Program

Potential DigiCert partners may choose from a couple selling structures. One option allows partners to refer their clients to DigiCert through partner links. Instead of having to continuously monitor, renew, and remediate a client’s SSL Certificates, partners can pass on that responsibility to the DigiCert team, who will do it for them. In addition, DigiCert partners are not asked to pay any upfront costs and they earn residual income on the certificates they sell.

With DigiCert, partners can focus on the progression of their own business and benefit from a perpetual revenue stream that comes from selling essential SSL Certificates. Click here for more information on DigiCert’s Partner Program.


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