Partner Blog 03-20-2019

Communications Transparency

Jeff Barto

Honestly, we are just so bursting with eagerness to provide transparent, useful communications to you—in as many ways as we can. True-to-form, we keep talking about it!

We’ve mentioned it frequently in our Partner Blog posts and newsletters. We’ve demonstrated it for your benefit as we bring different voices into our communications. And I’m not just referring to the usual suspects like our lucky-to-have product director Tobias, but also our EVP of Support and Validation Flavio and our industry sage Dean. Others will follow.

How we communicate is crucial, too, because we must communicate in the ways you prefer— not just in the ways that were easier for us. For example, we no longer rely on email alone, flung out to our entire database of Partner contacts. Instead of emailing every communication:

  • We cross-post virtually all emails on our Partner Blog, just in case you “didn’t get that email.” That includes our service notifications, as well as our newsletters and even invitations to some of our online events.
  • To ensure that there’s no “didn’t see that blog post” equivalent, we offer our Partner Blog also via an RSS feed. Please follow it! In your RSS reader, just point your reader to
  • We’ve moved our product updates out of email and onto the blog—where transparency fuels accountability—which avoids over-emailing.

Blog, blog, blog—IKR? But it’s not just about the Partner Blog.

We’re also rolling out The DigiCert Partner Portal at Just like the Partner Blog has become a portal for all-things-mass-communicated to you, you’ll soon find our communications cross-posted there along with all manner of value-adds:

  • Branding resources
  • Best practices guides
  • Marketing assets and collateral
  • Ready-to-use recruitment/retention emails
  • Training videos
  • Sales enablement resources

Continually building and evolving our communications is pretty exciting for us. But let’s not forget that email remains a part of that picture, as cross-posting just wouldn’t be the same without it. Honoring my very first bullet point way above, let’s avoid a situation where a key contact of yours “didn’t get that email:” if you employ someone who’s not receiving our newsletters or service notices (but should), please ask them to provide their desired contact name, country of residence and email address directly to me. And of course, encourage them to revel in our transparency by following our Partner Blog and joining The DigiCert Partner Portal.


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