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DigiCert Culture


DigiCert is the world’s leading provider of TLS/SSL, PKI, and IoT security solutions that enable digital trust for data, devices, code and users. The company is recognized for its enterprise grade certificate management platform, fast and knowledgeable customer support, and market-leading security solutions.

What’s it like to work for or with DigiCert? Well, we do what’s right for digital security, innovate to solve problems and take care of our customers and our people.

We do what’s right for digital security

Our aim is to make the internet more secure for everyone. We work with leading companies, including the Global 2,000 and 88% of the Fortune 500, to ensure they can deliver solutions to millions of users and devices worldwide. DigiCert fills an important role in digital security by securing more than 28 billion web connections every day.

Brenda Bernal, DigiCert VP of Product Security and Compliance explains, “At DigiCert, we have a responsibility to help keep users and devices on the internet safe. As the VP of Product Security and Compliance, I take my role seriously to follow industry requirements and best practices and maintain our clients’ trust. We participate in over two dozen audits and certification activities per year to demonstrate that we are doing the right things for our compliance and security.”

Read more about how we secure our infrastructure and ensure the integrity of certificates here.

DigiCert is intent on continuing to drive the online trust market toward better practices by providing higher trust and value to its consumers. DigiCert sets high goals for its product innovation, industry standards support and superior customer experience.

“DigiCert is heavily involved in a number of industry standards groups to promote policies that ensure digital trust,” said Dean Coclin, Senior Director, Business Development. “Part of my role at DigiCert includes coordinating with these groups. I chair the CA/Browser Forum, the Code Signing Working Group, and the X9 PKI Study Group which focuses on the financial sector. Our work with a standard known as BIMI brought forth the concept of Verified Mark Certificates (VMC), which we are now providing to brands around the world.”

We work closely with several industry standards groups and regulatory bodies, including:

  • CA/Browser Forum (founding member)
  • (founding member)
  • IETF
  • W3C
  • ASCX9
  • PCI Council
  • SAE
  • CableLabs
  • CI+
  • AeroMACS
  • WinnForum
  • Industrial Internet Consortium
  • APWG

We innovate to solve problems

DigiCert is a pioneer with customer-focused products, tools and platforms that advance strong security. DigiCert innovates to advance TLS and PKI-based solutions for securing the enterprise and emerging markets such as IoT, cloud and DevOps. We have the industry’s top talent and resources to accelerate innovation of TLS and PKI solutions, and we continue to shape industry standards work that keeps customers at the forefront of evolving security threats and solutions.

“One reason why I enjoy working for DigiCert is that I get to collaborate with a diverse group of people and come up with innovative and forward-thinking solutions for marketing our products and business online,” said Michaela Hutchison, Director of Digital Strategy. “In between building new content for campaigns and products, my team focuses on testing and optimization of our web properties to continually improve overall user experience. There’s always something new to try, which makes each day interesting and exciting.”

DigiCert CertCentral® is an award-winning, enterprise-grade TLS management platform. DigiCert ONE™ is a modern, holistic approach to PKI management. Based on an advanced, container-based design, DigiCert ONE allows customers to rapidly deploy in any environment, automate enrollment and customize workflows.

“At DigiCert, we leverage the power of data analytics to facilitate data-driven decision making for CA compliance matters so that DigiCert stays in compliance with the ever-evolving industry standards to continuously secure and protect the customers,” said Tomofumi Okubo, Director Industry Engagement. “I enjoy working in an innovative environment that is evolving to meet the demands of modern enterprises.”

We have over 100 patents and patents pending. For two years in a row, CRN has named DigiCert one of the 20 coolest Web, Application and Email Security Companies.

We take care of our customers and people

DigiCert puts people first — protecting and advancing the needs of its clients and employees.

We’re a global company with over 180 countries in which our customers do business. But in each area we have a local touch. DigiCert provides 5-star, award-winning customer support 24/7/365 to answer questions via email, chat or phone.

“Taking care of people is always my priority, whether they are our customers or teammates” said Claire Li, Director, Sales Operations.

DigiCert also does its part to make communities better, including supporting community causes such as homes for the less fortunate and local STEM programs and supporting employee-driven causes.

“I enjoy working at DigiCert because I am surrounded by people that inspire me to do better each day while at the same time taking great pleasure in managing people to become better and better at what they do every day,” says Maria Santos, Senior Manager, Enterprise Sales.

Do you think DigiCert would be a good fit for you? Check out our open positions.


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