Announcements 12-24-2014

DigiCert Is First Certificate Authority to Enable Certificate Transparency by Default

Meggie Woodfield

Today, DigiCert enabled Certificate Transparency (CT) by default for all new EV SSL Certificates issued. CT will be required for EV SSL Certificates issued after January 1, 2015 to show the green bar in Google Chrome.

DigiCert is the first Certificate Authority (CA) to enable CT by default. Additionally, DigiCert has taken measures to ensure that all existing DigiCert EV SSL Certificates are included in Google’s whitelist so they will continue to show the green bar.

Starting January 1, any CA issuing two-year EV certificates must include proofs from three logs. This means that all CAs must use the two available Google logs and the DigiCert log to achieve compliance with the Google requirement and for their certificates to show the green bar.

Any new DigiCert EV certificates issued after today will include the required number of CT proofs embedded in them.

DigiCert customers who would like to enable CT for their other non-EV SSL Certificates can do so by contacting DigiCert support. Customers can also contact support to change the SCT delivery method.


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