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What are the
validation methods
for TLS/SSL certificates?

Your role in the validation process

Once you’ve placed your order, our global team of experts will start the validation process. DigiCert validates certificates according to strict guidelines put forth by the Certification Authority Browser Forum. The strictness of these guidelines means validation doesn’t happen immediately, but they’re key to ensuring the type of robust protections you rely on to keep your sites secure.

Validation times vary, but our team will work around the clock to get your certificate issued as quickly as possible—and your cooperation will help speed up the process.


Organization Validated (OV) validation process:

We’ll verify that your company is who you say it is. Avoid delays by ensuring the details provided at checkout are accurate.

We’ll verify that your organization operates legally in the location you’ve provided. Avoid delays by providing up-to-date contact information and responding promptly to inquiries.

We’ll verify your organization’s listing in an online telephone directory. Avoid delays by ensuring that the exact business name and physical address you’ve provided are accurate.

We’ll verify that the requestor is authorized to request a certificate for the domain in question. Avoid delays by responding promptly to inquiries.

Finally, we’ll verify ownership with a quick call to the number associated with your organization. Avoid delays by providing up-to-date contact information and responding promptly to inquiries.

We’ll provide the tutorials, tools and support you need to get your certificate properly installed on your server so your business can operate with confidence.

Extended Validation (EV) validation process:

EV certificates protect business and enterprise websites with the highest level of authentication and encryption available.

Delivering the highest level of trust requires a more rigorous validation process. Additional steps may be required before a certificate can be issued.

Avoid delays by providing accurate, complete, up-to-date information and responding quickly to inquiries and documentation requests.