Announcements 10-31-2017

What to Expect with the New DigiCert: Welcoming Symantec Customers, Partners, & Employees

John Merrill

After much anticipation, I’m happy to share the news that we completed our acquisition of Symantec’s Website Security and related PKI solutions, becoming the premier provider of SSL/TLS and PKI solutions. We enthusiastically welcome our new Symantec customers, partners, and employees.

Now that the deal is complete, our two organizations can start working to build an even greater security company together. We are committed to working through this acquisition the right way—making the transition seamless for customers and partners, integrating processes, and coordinating with browsers.

Since announcing the acquisition, DigiCert has actively engaged with the security community to explore paths that address browser concerns about Symantec-issued certificates while balancing the TLS implementations currently deployed. This plan is close to completion and will minimize impacts, allowing customers to continue securing their transactions.

Symantec-issued certificates impacted by the browser timelines will need to be replaced. These will be replaced at no cost at the appropriate time, and we’ll work to ensure a smooth process. Many customers have already received information on certificate replacement, and more information will be forthcoming for affected parties.

What Symantec Customers & Partners Can Expect

DigiCert has gained a strong reputation in the industry for being fast, reliable, and responsive. Known for our exceptional customer support and fast issuance, we’re excited for Symantec customers to experience this level of service in addition to our industry-leading OCSP response times, and award-winning PKI and IoT management platforms.

We built our infrastructure for scale and performance, which is especially important as we take on the Symantec Website Security and related PKI business. DigiCert systems are designed for high-volume deployments for SSL and IoT and are stress-tested for billions of certificates. As such, we’ll be able to continue providing industry-leading issuance times, even with the added Symantec business.

In the coming months, our customers will enjoy the benefits of best-in-class products and services as we bring together the technology from both DigiCert and Symantec. This includes DigiCert’s SSL and private PKI services and leading PKI-based solutions for IoT device security with automated certificate management.

For now, Symantec customers can continue to order and purchase certificates the same way they always have. In addition, they can still use existing Symantec management tools. Account management contacts, existing contracts, brands, and validity periods for certificates will remain the same, as does pricing.

Partners will also be able to offer their customers an even wider range of solutions, drawing from the portfolio of Symantec and DigiCert security offerings. As the world leader in SSL and PKI, our partners play a crucial role in helping us deliver identity, authentication, and encryption for the web and IoT.

What DigiCert Customers & Partners Can Expect Going Forward

From the beginning, DigiCert has been driven by helping our customers and solving pain points for SSL and PKI management. With the addition of Symantec’s Website Security to DigiCert, we're bringing together the top talent in the industry, which will help us accelerate our efforts to simplify SSL and PKI solutions. DigiCert will continue to participate in industry groups, where we help shape security standards and make sure you stay at the forefront of security practices.

We know there will be questions and we’ll strive to be transparent by keeping our customers and partners updated with regular communication. If you have questions about your specific situation, customers and partners can continue to reach out to us using the same methods you’ve always used, whether through your Symantec or DigiCert account rep, or by contacting our Support teams.

We’re committed to our customer-first philosophy while building upon our legacy as a security industry leader. Thank you for your continued loyalty.

John Merrill, CEO


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