Announcements 09-10-2011

Dyn Partners With DigiCert to Offer SSL Certificates

Flavio Martins

Organizations that deliver a fantastic customer experience do so because they can focusing their core competencies in order to maintain the service levels they know their customers deserve.

Dyn solutions enable effective Internet performance. Their traffic management, messaging services, and service level performance assurance enables Dyn users to better serve their core audiences in delivering Internet content. Dyn helps information get where it needs to go faster.

Dyn transitions all SSL business to DigiCert

Dyn has partnered with DigiCert and transitioned their SSL Certificates to DigiCert in order to ensure continued secure communications for all of their customers. Dyn's partnership ensures fully trusted SSL Certificates across all major browsers for users relying on Dyn services.

Ensuring secure communications is a challenge for administrators today. The Dyn partnership with DigiCert offers Dyn customers the reliability of trusted SSL Certificates across all major browsers and operating system platforms.

"We [look for] great partners that we can align with that become a perfect fit; a best friend in the tech space if you will. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with DigiCert (a leading U.S.-based certificate authority) who will assist in the transition and support of our SSL business."

DigiCert leading customer experience in SSL

Since 2003, DigiCert has established itself as the leader in customer service for SSL Certificates. Dyn customers, and every other DigiCert customer, can take advantage of 24/7 technical support without ever dealing with a phone queues and US-based customer support is never outsourced.

When you call, email, and chat with DigiCert and you're always working with an SSL engineer that can answer any question about the SSL, from pre-sales, validation, and technical support and troubleshooting.

Dyn customers join organizations like Wikimedia, Amazon, the FBI, and US Department of Justice who trust DigiCert for SSL encryption.

Dyn SSL Certificate Renewal

As Dyn customers have SSL certificates that need to be renewed, Dyn has put together easy to follow instructions to renew their SSL Certificate with DigiCert. The process is easy and renewed certificates can be in place within a matter of minutes.

As part of the Dyn partnership with DigiCert, all sales and technical support questions will be handled by the DigiCert SSL experts.

If you’re an SSL cert customer with Dyn, we hope that you experience the fast SSL issuance and our industry-leading customer support.


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