Best Practices 10-16-2013

Faster, Better, Smarter: One-Click CSR


If there’s anything we want more of in this world it’s convenience. We demand things move faster and more efficiently, saving us time and making us more productive. If something takes more than a minute it’s wasting valuable time. We move quickly and want our technology to move even faster. We use our phones to start our cars and adjust the climate in our homes because it would just take too long to put the key in the ignition or walk to the thermostat. We order pizza on the internet because dialing a phone number requires additional steps. We abbreviate words in text messages because crafting full sentences sent through email has become almost as inconvenient as *gasp* writing a letter and mailing it.

But it’s not just about making life easier or saving time. Behind many of the inconveniences lie unseen inefficiencies. Fewer steps in the process means less room for error and less opportunity for a mistake or costly misstep that will set you back.

In the world of SSL Certificates, CSR creation and installation historically are not synonymous with fast and simple. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Generally speaking it can be a major time-sucking hassle. But like so many modern-day innovations, we've implemented a way to automate the process saving loads of time, headaches, and stress.

It’s called the One-Click Install, and really what could be simpler than one click? After you buy a certificate and it’s validated, simply download the DigiCert Certificate Utility and log in using your regular account credentials. Then click “Install”. What happens next is pure magic. The utility will create the private key and CSR, send the CSR to us, issue the certificate, and install the issued certificate. All steps that you previously would have had to complete yourself are now taken care of with one simple click. It’s really that easy.

Room for error is reduced to just about zero because everything happens all at once, automatically. No hassle, no fuss; just simple, direct, and effective CSR creation. In a world of evolving efficiencies, would you settle for anything less?


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